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Listen Up! is a blog exploring topics relevant to the Women’s Resource Center, powered by you! Submit a blog post and share your thoughts with the UWM WRC community. 

Listen Up! Blog Submission Guidelines

Choose a topic relevant to the WRC and create a 500-2,500 word post exploring that topic. A good post is conversational and reflective and should creatively explore the topic of choice, provide an insight, or make an argument. 

Be sure to cite any sources briefly and appropriately through hyperlinks, footnotes, or by providing a title and creator’s name in the body of the blog post, and use supporting evidence as necessary. 

Please use respectful and appropriate language when referring to groups of people. Some of the language that the WRC uses is defined here. In general, it’s best to use the language that the majority of the people within a given community prefer, if a consensus exists. 

Posts should be double-spaced, proofread, and relatively free of grammatical mistakes. To keep our blog accessible to all of the UWM community, please include a brief description (125 characters or less) of any images included in your post, and please make sure that all videos or audio used are captioned or include a transcript. 

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