Our Right to Vote- KM

As someone who has been lucky enough to grow up in a household where voting was considered a civic and sacred duty, I have always been passionate about exercising my right to vote. My parents taught me that it was… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: JN

I remember February last year; I knew this was going to be bad based on what the professionals were saying. A lot of people were telling me to “just relax” or “don’t think about it”. It was frustrating feeling like… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: MN

MARCH 10, 2020  My friends and I are all sitting at our normal table in the Sandburg Cafeteria. It’s quesadilla day, and we’re all ecstatic. We talk about our days and laugh and chat like normal, until someone brings up… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: CM

My Covid-19 experience started out just like everyone else’s at UW-Milwaukee—Spring break that turned into a lockdown we thought would last two weeks. I went home to visit my parents and ended up staying a month instead of a weekend… Read More