My Covid-19 Experience: JN

I remember February last year; I knew this was going to be bad based on what the professionals were saying. A lot of people were telling me to “just relax” or “don’t think about it”. It was frustrating feeling like… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: MN

MARCH 10, 2020  My friends and I are all sitting at our normal table in the Sandburg Cafeteria. It’s quesadilla day, and we’re all ecstatic. We talk about our days and laugh and chat like normal, until someone brings up… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: NR

When talking about my Covid experience I’m sure that I have similarities with many other people. First it was the confusion of it all and not knowing exactly the severity but still following what you ought to do. Then I… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: MV

UWM BREAKING NEWS: ANOTHER WEEK OF SPRING BREAK!!   That very Saturday, I went out to the Milwaukee bars for the last time. My close friend was finally turning 21, and we all gathered to celebrate with him. We did our… Read More

My Covid-19 Experience: CM

My Covid-19 experience started out just like everyone else’s at UW-Milwaukee—Spring break that turned into a lockdown we thought would last two weeks. I went home to visit my parents and ended up staying a month instead of a weekend… Read More

TBTN Podcast with Molly McCourt

After interviewing campus professionals whose work is directly related to interacting with victim/survivors of gender-based violence, I really wanted to interview a campus professional who was just as passionate about helping victim/survivors, but whose work wasn’t directly with them.   Queue in Molly McCourt.   At the… Read More

Fighting an Epidemic during a Pandemic

While the UWM community has been recently and greatly affected by COVID-19, there is another phenomenon that has been affecting the UWM community for decades now, sexual assault. Yes, one is a pandemic but the other is an epidemic affecting… Read More

WFH Realistically

Every video or article that I have read  about working from home all say the same thing, “find a quiet workspace”, “take your time”, “make coffee” the best one yet “take a bath to reset during the middle of the… Read More

Feminism found in Comedy (Blia Vue)

Feminism found in Comedy “Milk Milk Lemonade” by Amy Schumer is a self-deprecatory comedic music video. How she chooses to present women’s bodies and what their body parts are made for versus the fetishization of women’s bodies brings to light… Read More

To our community…

We would like to start off by saying to those who were assaulted near campus we stand with you! The WRC believes and supports all victims/survivors of sexual violence. Recently, our campus has been affected by the multiple occurrences of assaults. The… Read More