The Klotsche Center and Pavilion, referred to as the KCP, along with Engelmann Gym, known as ENG, collectively form the official complex. UREC, which stands for the Department of University Recreation, operates under the Division of Student Affairs and oversees the management of these facilities and recreational sport programs. Under the guidance of the Director of UREC and the Administrative Staff, UREC’s primary objective is to enrich the UWM community by providing a wide range of recreation-based programs, activities, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Access and Entrance Policies

AGE REQUIREMENTS – For safety reasons, the following age requirements are in effect.

  1. General Building Entrance: No one, apart from current UWM students who have paid segregated fees, under the age of eighteen is permitted to become an UREC member or guest (purchase a day pass), except:
    1. Participants enrolled in supervised UWM Programs;
    2. Participants enrolled in pre-approved youth sponsored tours/visits/activities/events.
  2. Memberships: The patron must be at least 18 years of age to purchase an membership.  All individuals must meet membership requirements, some restrictions apply.  Visit the UREC Information Center or Membership webpage for more information.

ELIGIBILITY – UWM students who have paid segregated fees for the current semester automatically receive a UREC membership.  Individuals that are eligible to purchase a UREC membership include, but are not limited to: UWM faculty and staff, and UWM sustaining contributor level alumni members.  For current information about membership types and fees, stop by the Information Center Desk or visit the UREC membership website (

ID CARDS – The KCP and ENG are controlled access facilities.  UREC utilizes a membership management system.  This system keeps track of member entrance and eligibility.  All members must present their UWM Panther Card or UREC ID Card to gain entrance to the facilities or by downloading and using UWM UREC App – search for UWM UREC in apple app store or google play store.

Please visit the UREC Information Center in the KC&P for more information. 

*Due to Covid19 all biometric hand scanners have been removed from the facilities

ENTRY – UREC members and guests MUST enter and exit UREC restricted access facilities through the University Recreation Information Center located in the Klotsche Center and Pavilion atrium or the University Recreation Engelmann Gym located in Engelmann Hall room 198. All other doors are monitored and alarmed.  Passing through any restricted door or alarmed door(s) is prohibited, except in the case of an emergency evacuation. “Sneaking” someone into the facility or “double handing” (giving another person your ID card) an ID card to get someone into the facility is a violation and may result in a suspension of membership.  The improper use of University ID cards is addressed in UWS Chapter 18 – Conduct on University Lands. 

GUEST PASS – Students and UREC members may sponsor 2 guests per day.  Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must enter and leave the facility with them.  All guests must be 18 years of age or older.  Guests must have an account created by presenting a valid government issued photo ID card with birth date and middle initial or name, must have a picture taken for the database, and sign a waiver before the purchase of a guest pass can be completed.

The guest pass allows access during normal operating hours, on the day of purchase, and use of a day lock and towel.  Members must check out equipment for their guests.  This includes the daily lock and towel.  To re-enter the facility, guests, accompanied by their same sponsor, must present their receipt and photo ID.

Members of the UWM Alumni Association, and Faculty and Staff non-members may purchase a guest pass, without a sponsor.  A UWM Alumni Association card or Faculty/Staff PantherCard must also be presented.

Guests are only eligible for entrance to the Klotsche Center and Pavilion. Guests are not allowed to use Engelmann Gym.

VISITORS – Visiting professors, conference attendees, and guests of UWM may be eligible to purchase a conference pass.  Please contact a UREC Administrator for approval, pricing and purchasing procedures. Visit the UREC Information Center or website for more information.

INTRAMURAL SPECTATOR – Current intramural participants may sponsor two guests per event to enter the Klotsche Center and Pavilion and Engelmann Gym to watch an intramural activity.  For more information please visit the Intramural Policies and Procedures tab.

RESTRICTIONS/UNRULY BEHAVIOR – Unauthorized use of the KCP is strictly prohibited and should be reported to staff immediately. Participants in the KCP assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with a recreation facility. Anyone violating policies on this website, posted within the facility, or displaying conduct deemed inappropriate by UREC staff will be directed to exit the KCP immediately.

MEMBER-IN-GOOD-STANDING – In order to maintain eligibility for all the benefits of UREC membership, members must remain in good standing.  A member in good standing is a person:

  • Whose account is up-to-date;
  • Whose membership is paid in full or up to date with payments;
  • Who is not serving a suspension for violating a UREC policy;
  • Whose account does not have a hold due to unreturned equipment;
  • Who is abiding by all UREC policies.

MEMBERS NOT-IN-GOOD-STANDING – A member not-in-good-standing is one whose payment account (checking account, credit card, etc.) is invalid or has in-sufficient funds.  A member with in-sufficient funds will immediately become a member not-in-good-standing and become ineligible for all of the privileges and benefits a UREC membership permits.  In addition, a member not-in-good-standing is also one who has violated a UREC policy and whose membership privileges have been temporarily suspended for a violation of the policies.

REFUNDS – Membership fees will not be refunded except in an unusual, unforeseen circumstance (generally medical or relocation purposes only), and failure to use the facilities will not qualify as a valid reason for refund.  Each requested refund will be judged on a case-by-case basis.  The decision of the UREC Director concerning a requested refund will be final.  Processing fees will apply for early cancellation.  An administrative charge will be subtracted from all refunds.  Memberships are not transferable. Lockers are non-refundable.


SHIRTS – For hygiene purposes, and to prolong the life of the equipment in the KCP, a shirt is required to be worn while using the facilities.

PANTS – Short or long exercise/warm-up pants are acceptable. Pants with belts, cut-off pants and/or jeans with metal rivets are not recommended.

SHOES – For safety purposes, closed-toed and closed-heeled athletic footwear is required in all areas of the KCP, except the shower/locker rooms, pool, and with prior approval in the physical activity rooms. In an effort to minimize damage to the wood & rubber floors and carpet, the following footwear is prohibited:

  • Dark-soled shoes which may damage or mark the wood floor/carpet;
  • Any shoe suspected of damaging or marking the wood floor/carpet;
  • All leather-soled street shoes;
  • Open-toed athletic footwear, sandals or flip-flops;
  • Muddy, dusty or dirty shoes;
  • Spiked or Spikeless golf shoes;
  • Turf shoes, cleats or metal/rubber spiked shoes;
  • Spikes are NOT allowed on either running track.

NOTE: Adherence to the above policy will provide for fairness of all members and/or guests.  If a participant is found to be wearing unacceptable shoes, they/them may NOT continue their activity until they change footwear; members and/or guests may NOT continue to participate in socks or bare feet.


RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES – UWM Student Conduct, as out lined in the UWM student handbook, will be enforced.

STANDARDS OF CONDUCT – UWM Students, UREC Members, and guests assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with UWM’s function as an educational institution. When a UWM student enters the KCP or when an individual obtains a UREC membership or guest pass they agrees to act courteously, cooperate with staff, and display good, sportsmanship-like behavior while utilizing the KCP and/or programs. All students, members, and guests are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. Standards of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the examples outlined below (UREC staff reserves the right to make changes at any time).

OFFENSIVE WORDS & ACTIONS – Use of obscenity, insulting language, swearing or profanity is prohibited. Spitting on floors or in drinking fountains is prohibited.  Harassment and/or hazing of other members or of staff are prohibited.  Such actions could include, but are not limited to: any activity that might reasonably bring embarrassment or emotional, psychological or physical harm to an individual, or might degrade or otherwise compromise the dignity of an individual.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS – The KCP is an alcohol and drug free facility. Students, members or guests suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be directed to exit and the UWM Police will be called, if necessary.

DISORDERLY/DISRUPTIVE CONDUCT – UREC staff has the authority to demand that unruly students, members and guests leave the KCP if their conduct necessitates such action. Examples include, but are not limited to: vandalism, spitting on the floors, hanging from basketball rims, yelling, pushing, fighting, dropping weights, and/or violating the KCP policies.

FIGHTING/VIOLENCE – Any student, member, or guest who, in the judgment of the UREC Staff, engages in a fight or attempts to fight (strikes a person in a combative manner, throws a punch, kicks an individual, and/or retaliates* against an aggressor) may have their privileges suspended. Privileges include entrance into the KCP, participation in Intramural Sports and Sport Club eligibility usage. The Police and Dean of Students may be notified.

*Fighting may include only one individual or more than one if an individual fights back, retaliates or responds aggressively against an attacker.

VIOLENCE TOWARDS STAFF – Any student, member, or guest who attempts to fight (see above definition) with an UREC staff member, while on-duty, will be reported to the Police and the Dean of Students and may have their UREC privileges (see above) suspended.

CONSEQUENCES – Failure to comply with the UREC policies may result in a suspension. Suspension length will be determined by the UREC Director and/or Dean of Students, when appropriate, based on the circumstances surrounding the conduct and any prior violations.  As outlined in campus regulations and policies, participants are subject to the possibility of official UWM Judicial Proceedings and punishment from Milwaukee Law Enforcement officials if they threaten and/or abuse UREC staff, members and/or guests. Copies of the Incident Report form, when there is violence, the threat of violence, or a major violation of the UREC rules, will be forwarded to the UWM Dean of Students Office and the University Police Department.

APPEALS – A written appeal of a decision must be submitted within 48 hours of notification. Appeal letters should be delivered to the Director of University Recreation, who shall evaluate the appeal.

DISPUTE – Members have the right to dispute either a misapplication or misinterpretation of the policies and procedures outlined within the UREC Handbook.

Emergency Action Plan

In the event of an emergency, please follow instructions given by UWM’s Mass Notification System, unless instructed otherwise by University Recreation Staff.

You can also view our: UREC Emergency Action Plan

Klotsche Center Assembly areas are highlighted in bullets below.


During a tornado warning please remain calm and proceed to the designated shelters. Shelters are located in the basement and in the interior areas of the building. Avoid rooms with windows. Remain in the shelter areas until the ‘all clear’ message is announced.

Designated Tornado Shelter areas are:

  • Klotsche Center – First floor corridor, racquetball courts and locker rooms
  • Pavilion – Athletic Suite, Athletic Locker Rooms and Health Sciences Suite – Interior rooms and hallways
  • All other areas – Klotsche Center first floor corridor.
  • Pavilion parking levels G2-G5 (NOT the first (top) level of the parking garage)


During a fire alarm please remain calm and evacuate the building slowly using the closest available exit. Please stay outside the building until the “Okay to reoccupy the center,” is given by University Police or Milwaukee Fire Department.

Severe Weather

During an inclement weather warning, please remain calm and proceed to the designated shelters. Shelters are located in the basement and in the interior areas of the building. Avoid rooms with windows. Remain in the shelter areas until the ‘all clear’ message is announced.

Designated Inclement Weather Shelter areas are:

  • Klotsche Center – First floor corridor, racquetball courts and locker rooms
  • Pavilion – Athletic Suite, Athletic Locker Rooms and Health Sciences Suite – Interior rooms and hallways
  • All other areas – Klotsche Center first floor corridor.
  • Pavilion parking levels G2-G5 (NOT the first (top) level of the parking garage)

Please contact the UWM Police for additional emergency action information for the UWM Campus.


ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT – Athletic equipment including, but not limited to, track equipment (i.e. jump pits, starting blocks, hurdles, etc.), baseball equipment, batting cages and portable basketball hoops, are not permitted for use.  Soccer goals may be used under certain circumstances with prior permission of the Building Manager.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT – Some (volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc…) sports equipment may be checked out through the Equipment Room by presenting a UWM Panther Card, UREC Membership card or biometric data.  By the scanning of a member’s card/use of biometric data members/students take the full responsibility for the return or repair of the piece of equipment checked out.  MEMBERS WILL BE ASSESSED THE FULL REPLACEMENT COST OF ANY ITEM(S) DAMAGED OR NOT RETURNED.  Members may be denied access to the KCP until arrangements are made to pay for the damaged/lost items.  Students may also have a hold placed on their records until said payments are received.

DAILY TOWELS – Rental of a daily-use towel is available at the Equipment Room desk. Towels are provided in the fitness center for the purpose of wiping down the equipment with disinfectant spray.  These towels are not for personal use and are not to leave the fitness center.

LIFETIME TOWELS – Purchase of a “lifetime” towel is available at the Information Center. Dirty towels may be exchanged at the Equipment Room for a clean towel for the lifetime of the membership. The lifetime towel is your responsibility and will not be replaced free of charge if lost or stolen. Towels are provided in the fitness center for the purpose of wiping down the equipment with disinfectant spray.  These towels are not for personal use and are not to leave the fitness center.

Facility Area Rules

In addition to this list, refer to specific rules posted in each area.


  1. General rules are in effect in all areas, and policies previously stated are also in affect.
  2. Individuals under 18 years of age are not allowed into the KCP/ENG except during sponsored programs or events.
  3. Facility users are required to present a current UWM Panther Card or UREC membership card to gain access to the KCP/ENG. Biometric hand readers are also available.
  4. An altered or misused ID card will be confiscated and the owner of the card will have to speak to an UREC administrative staff member, or the Dean of Students, prior to the card being returned.
  5. Acceptable rules of conduct must be observed at all times.
  6. All members and guests must be out of the building at the designated building closed time. Individuals who abuse this policy may be subject to loosing KCP/ENG privileges.
  7. No loitering is permitted.


  1. Basketball courts may be designated half court during heavy usage periods.
  2. No hanging on basketball rims.
  3. No informal dunk contests (i.e. not part of a formal program).
  4. All games to be played using the challenge system.
  5. Any additional equipment or activity usage must be cleared through the building manager on duty.
  6. Volleyball priority usage schedule may be enforced.


  1. Shirt, shorts or pants, and shoes required.
  2. All personal belongings must be secured in a locker or placed in the Fitness Center cubbies. UREC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
    1. Note: Items placed in the Fitness Center cubbies are done so at your own risk. This is not a secured area.  It is strongly recommended that members not bring valuables into the KCP/ENG.
  3. No food, drink, gum, tobacco or anything comparable allowed in the Fitness Center, except water in a shatter resistant, spill proof container.
  4. No food, drink, gum, tobacco or anything comparable allowed, except water in a closed container.
  5. Utilize collars on all free weight bars.
  6. Re-rack weights and return all equipment to its designated area.
  7. No chalk of any kind.
  8. Do not drop barbells, weight plates or weight stacks. Always maintain control while exercising.
  9. Do not throw medicine balls against the walls.
  10. Amplified sound is prohibited.
  11. All Fitness Center equipment must remain in the Fitness center.
  12. No personal equipment may be brought into or used in the fitness center.  Safety equipment (i.e. weight lifting belts, gloves or wrist straps) is permissible.
  13. Do not move machines or modify equipment in any way. Use equipment in the intended manner and do not add more than the recommended amount of weight to any piece of weight equipment.
  14. Do not sit on the machines between sets. Allow others to “work in” on sets.
  15. Observe a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular machines when others are waiting.
  16. Wipe down equipment after use, with towel and disinfectant spray. Human perspiration is highly corrosive; please help ensure the long life of the equipment and upholstery by wiping-off the machines with a provided towel. This also helps with personal hygiene, to slow the spread of disease transmission, and as a courtesy to other patrons using the same equipment.
  17. Only authorized UREC employees are permitted to provide personal training and exercise instruction.
  18. Photography or filming requires University Recreation Authorization.
  19. Respect the facility, equipment and staff. Be courteous and considerate of fellow Fitness Center users.
  20. Use of unnecessary noises, obscenities, insulting language, swearing, or profanity is prohibited.


  1. These rooms are used for scheduled classes only.
  2. Silence cell phones.
  3. All equipment is to remain in the rooms.
  4. Shoes are to be worn at all times except with prior approval for specialized classes.


  1. The track is intended for jogging/walking use only.
  2. Give right of way to people passing on the track.
  3. Walking/jogging more than 2 people wide is prohibited.
  4. The track is not an observation area, standing or blocking lanes is not allowed.
  5. Shoes with spikes are not permitted on either track.


  1. Approved eye guards must be worn over eyes at all times.
  2. Reservations are for 60 minutes only (Check in IC), from the top of the hour with a 10 minute grace period.
  3. Not responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended outside racquetball courts.
  4. Any activity other than racquetball, handball or wallyball must be pre-approved by an UREC administrator.


  1. Pregnant women and those suffering from heart disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, seizures, epilepsy, or high or low blood pressure should not use the sauna unless authorized by a physician.
  2. Do not use the sauna while under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, or other drugs that can cause drowsiness or that can lower your blood pressure.
  3. Do not enter the sauna if you have a communicable disease or an open cut/wound.
  4. Allow yourself at least 5 minutes after exercising to cool down before entering.
  5. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may result in nausea, dizziness, and fainting. Reasonable use time is 10 minutes.  It is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes.
  6. Exit sauna immediately if you feel dizzy, faint, nauseous, uncomfortable or sleepy.
  7. The saunas are dry saunas with electrical heating elements. Pouring liquid on the rocks, placing paper, towels or any materials on the heater or guard surface is prohibited.
  8. Covering or otherwise tampering with sauna controls, sensors and probes is prohibited. Failure to abide by this rule may result in temporary closure of sauna.
  9. Direct skin to bench contact is not permitted. Must use a towel or cloth barrier between skin and the sauna benches.
  10. No shoes permitted, other than footwear appropriate for use in a shower.
  11. Constrictive or excessive clothing such as a sweat suit or rubberized suit not permitted.
  12. No soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions or oils allowed.
  13. No shaving allowed while in the sauna.
  14. No drying of clothes in the sauna.
  15. Exercise in the sauna is prohibited.
  16. Patrons are not permitted to bring cleaning products into the sauna and spray or apply them to any surfaces in the sauna. Saunas are cleaned by UWM staff.
  17. Users of the sauna are expected to exhibit conduct appropriate to a recreation facility. Offensive, disorderly, lewd or suggestive behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported to the UWM Police.


  1. Pool may not be used unless a certified lifeguard is present on deck and a responsible supervisor is working in the facility.
  2. Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open cut/wound.
  3. Do not bring food, drink, gum or tobacco into the pool.
  4. Shower before entering the pool and after use of toilet facilities.
  5. Do not run or engage in rough play in the pool area.
  6. Do not bring animals into the pool area (service animals are allowed).
  7. Diaper changing on the pool deck is prohibited.
  8. Glass and breakable items are prohibited in the pool area.
  9. Proper swim attire required (no cut offs, gym shorts, dresses, shirts or T-shirts unless approved by staff prior to swimming).
  10. Bathing caps are recommended, but not required.
  11. No inflatable toys allowed unless approved by the lifeguard.
  12. All personal belongings are to be left in lockers.
  13. No street shoes on deck.
  14. No hanging on lane lines or safety lines.
  15. Lifeguards regulate the diving area and board. Use of the 3 meter board is strictly prohibited.
    • One person on diving board at a time and only one bounce on diving board.
  16. No diving in shallow end.
  17. Patrons may not use the diving blocks at any time.
  18. Use of unnecessary noises, obscenities, insulting language, swearing, or profanity is prohibited.
  19. Lifeguard has complete authority in and around the pool area.
  20. University Recreation Administration may revise rules when deemed necessary.

The Department of University Recreation reserves the right to modify the Member Handbook, policies and rules as deemed necessary.

Any situation that is not covered by the Member Handbook will be dealt with in an appropriate manner by the UREC Administration.

Facility Usage Policies

ANIMALS/PETS – Animals are not permitted to enter the KCP with the exception of guide dogs and service or signal animals.  UWS 18.06(5)

AUDIO – The use of musical instruments and/or amplified sound is prohibited.  Personal audio devices are permitted only with the use of headphones.  UWS 18.11(5)(a)(b)(c)

BIKES, SCOOTERS, ROLLERBLADES, ROLLERSKATES AND SKATEBOARDS – Bicycles and scooters are not permitted in the KCP. UWS 18.08(3) Rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards and similar items are not permitted to be used in the KCP.  UWS 18.06(8, 29)

CATERING/CONCESSIONS – Sale or distribution of food items is strictly controlled by UWM.  Permission must be obtained from UREC Administrative staff.

COMPUTERS – UREC members utilizing the computers in the lobby/hallway are required to use them in an appropriate way. Members caught “surfing” indecent web sites or pornographic/sexually explicit web sites and/or downloading pictures onto the screen face suspension.

INSTRUCTION – Instructors working inside the KCP must be approved by UREC.  Instructors not approved by UREC are prohibited from instructing in the KCP.

LOCKERS & LOCKER ROOMS – Students and UREC members will have the option to rent, and be assigned, lockers and combination locks on a contract basis.

  • Rental Lockers
    • A number of rental lockers, in the locker rooms, are available on a first come-first served basis. You may rent a locker at the UREC Information Center. *Please note that locker rentals are non-refundable.  Lockers that are not renewed by the end of the contract will have their locks removed and the contents bagged and stored for 90 days for your retrieval; bagged locker bag contents not retrieved will be donated to a local charitable organization. A service fee will be assessed for the return of belongings. 
  • Daily-Use Lockers
    • Daily (bring-your-own-lock) lockers are available for day-use, in the locker rooms. You may also rent a padlock at the Equipment Room.  *WARNING:  Daily lockers that contain items at the end of the day will have their locks cut and the contents bagged and stored for your retrieval. A service fee will be assessed for the return of belongings. 

The recreation locker room facilities within the Klotsche Center are part of university space assigned to University Recreation to support the use of the Klotsche Center and Pavilion.  Students and UREC members using these facilities must act in accordance with university and departmental regulations and standards, including this policy.

To prevent and/or reduce the loss of state property and/or personal property, UREC will provide students and UREC members with gender or non-gender-specific locker rooms, lockers and locks. A master file of the lock combinations will be maintained by the department in order to facilitate access to these lockers.

The recreation locker room facilities within the Klotsche Center (Klotsche Center Rooms 105, 113, 119 and 131) are part of University space assigned to UREC to support the use of the Klotsche Center and Pavilion. UREC provides students, UREC members, and UREC staff (collectively “UREC Users”) with gender-specific and gender-neutral locker rooms,[1] as well as lockers and locks within these spaces. UREC Users using these facilities must act in accordance with university and departmental regulations and standards, including this policy. Non-compliance with this policy may result in sanctions including, but not limited to, reprimands, loss of UREC privileges, employee or student discipline, and police involvement.

Assignment of Lockers

  • UREC Users have the option to rent and be assigned lockers and combination locks on a contract basis. No transfer of lockers or locks will be made without prior administrative authorization.
  • Daily lockers may be used on a day-to-day basis. Belongings and locks will be removed from daily lockers by any necessary means if they are not removed by the user before each day’s closing of the Klotsche Center and Pavilion. Locker contents removed from daily-use lockers will be held for 30 days and will only be returned upon payment of a handling fee.

Security and Maintenance of Lockers

  • UREC Users shall be responsible for keeping their belongings and lockers secured with locks whenever they are not present in the immediate area.
  • UREC Users may store a reasonable amount of appropriate personal items in their lockers. Items prohibited by applicable law and UWM policy (such as illegal substances and weapons) may not be stored in lockers.
  • UWM and UREC are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • UREC Users seeking locker access must visit the Klotsche front desk.

Authorized Entry to Locker Rooms

  • Entry to a gendered locker room by an individual who does not identify as such gender is prohibited without an announcement, a UREC escort and a university-related purpose. Interviews of any kind will not occur in the locker rooms. Only authorized University Personnel may seek information from individuals in the locker rooms, and only when absolutely necessary for official purposes.
  • Combinations to the entrances of the locker rooms are confidential. Release of this information is prohibited without authorization from the UREC Director or their designee.


  • Locker rooms, lockers and the content of lockers shall be subject to inspection when deemed necessary by police, UREC administration, or other authorized University personnel.
  • Students or UREC Members not utilizing Department-issued locks will not be reimbursed for the cutting of a personal lock if an inspection is necessary and the occupant cannot open the locker in a reasonable timeframe if an emergency arises, or if the locker’s contents are emptied at the end of the day for daily-use lockers.

Unauthorized Materials / Property in Locker Rooms

  • Posting signs or distributing flyers is prohibited in the locker room or other UREC facilities without prior, written permission from the UREC Director or their designee.
  • Personal items may not be stored in the locker room outside of the lockers.
  • Food or other perishable items may not be kept in lockers or anywhere within the locker room facilities.


  • Photographs and recordings are prohibited in locker rooms.  This includes the use of smart phones, cameras, video recorders, or any other device for the purpose of photography, recording, or transferring images. 
  • In addition to institutional disciplinary processes (Wis. Admin. Code UWS 17 and/or 18), capturing, recording, or transferring a representation of a nude or partially nude person in any locker room may result in criminal charges (Wis. Stat. § 942.09). 
  • This policy applies to all use of recording devices, including situations in which one wishes to record oneself. 

[1] For purposes of this policy, the phrase “locker room[s]” includes all facilities therein (e.g., saunas, private changing rooms, showers, and shared spaces).

LOSS OR THEFT – UWM and UREC are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Even when locked, valuables should not be left inside a locker. Members are encouraged to contact University Police and UREC staff to report stolen items. It is strongly recommended that members not bring valuables to the KCP information center.

LOST AND FOUND – Please give all items found within the KCP to the Equipment Room desk. Items will be logged and stored for an appropriate time.  All unclaimed items are donated to a charitable organization. UREC is not responsible for lost items. It is strongly recommended that individuals not bring valuable items into the KCP.

PERSONAL PROPERTY – Personal belongings (gym bag, book bag, back pack, duffel bag, purse, clothing, shoes, and/or other possessions) may NOT be stored in any of the activity areas or on gymnasium floors.  Storage cubbies are provided in several of the activity areas, for your convenience.  KCP members and guests are responsible for the security of their personal property. It is highly recommended that individuals not bring valuable items into the KCP.  Use of lockers is strongly encouraged.

REFRESHMENTS – All food, drink, candy, and/or other snack item(s) must be consumed in the student commons. Chewing gum is not allowed in any area of the KCP.  Water in a shatter-resistant, spill proof container is allowed.  This is the only exception to the refreshments policy.  Glass containers/bottles are strictly prohibited.

SALES/ADVERTISING – NO sales brochures, advertising (flyers, posters, signs, displays, banners, etc.) or outside promotional activities, of any kind, are allowed in the KCP unless pre-approved by the UREC administrative staff.   UWS 18.08(9)

SLEEPING – Sleeping is prohibited.  Participants in the KCP assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the KCP’s function as a recreation facility.

SMOKING – The KCP is a smoke free, tobacco free environment.

SOLICITATION – Solicitation inside or outside the KCP is prohibited.  UWS 18.06(16)

VIDEO – The use of still photograph cameras, video tape cameras/machines, cell phones and/or PDA cameras, television cameras or movie cameras is prohibited inside the KCP.  Anyone wishing to take photos or video in the KCP must have prior permission from the UREC director or designate.

WEAPONS AND FIREARMS – NO weapons or firearms, of any kind, are allowed in the KCP.  Participants in possession of a weapon or firearm, of any kind, will be denied access and required to exit the facility.  The UWM Police will be called.  Members participating in Martial Arts should alert the staff of any questionable item(s) prior to entering.  UWS 18.06(10)

Health & Safety


INSURANCE – Individuals participate at their own risk. Individuals are encouraged to obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participating in any physical activity.

DANGEROUS ACTIVITY – Activity that is destructive or appears to be destructive or unsafe is prohibited.  Any damages will result in retribution of repair costs and expenses relating to the destructive or dangerous act. Traditional outdoor sports will only be allowed in designated areas of the Arena, with prior approval.  They may NOT be played in the Pavilion.  This includes football, frisbee, rugby, lacrosse, baseball/softball, etc.

HALLWAY ACTIVITY – The hallways must be clear, at all times, for emergency purposes.  You must wait until you get to the respective area for that activity to begin.  For example:  stretching in the hallways, taking weights from the weight room, and bouncing balls in the hallways are not permitted.  In rare circumstances activities may be pre-approved by UREC Staff.

INJURIES – ALL INJURIES (MINOR & MAJOR) SUSTAINED WITHIN THE KCP MUST BE REPORTED TO THE NEAREST STAFF MEMBER IMMEDIATELY. Help us prevent injuries by reporting all unsafe conditions or equipment to a staff member immediately.

FIRE ALARM OR WEATHER EMERGENCY – If a fire alarm sounds, everyone must exit the facility immediately.  During an evacuation, please remain calm and cooperate fully with UREC staff. Pulling a fire alarm misleadingly is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law.  In the case of a weather emergency you will be directed by facility staff.  All patrons must follow the directions of facility staff.  No one is allowed to remain in non-shelter areas during an emergency.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE – For your safety and protection, many areas of the KCP are under 24 hour video surveillance.  Surveillance is used internally by University Recreation or by request of the UWM Police or University Authorized Official.

Photography and Filming Policy and Form

Photography and Film Policy and Procedure

University Recreation (UREC) welcomes the use of the Klotsche Center and Pavilion (KCP) and Engelmann Gym (ENG) building for UWM related filming and photography projects. To help maintain an appropriate environment for physical activity, study and research as well as to protect the confidentiality of users, anyone interested in filming or photographing in the KCP/ENG must complete a Media Permissions Form (found on our website and also receive authorization from the University Recreation Authorized Administrator.

Submitting a Proposal for Authorization to Photograph or Film in the KCP/ENG:

  • Proposal must be submitted to UREC Administrative Staff, using the Media Permissions Form, as early as possible for consideration.  Remember approval must be obtained prior to arriving at the KCP/ENG.
  • Statement from student on the purpose of the photography or filming in the KCP/ENG including an outline on what will or could be photographed or filmed in the KCP/ENG.
  • Statement from professor, instructor or UWM administrator must accompany the proposal.  The statement must identify the scope of the project and that the project is University Related.
  • Specific Date and Time of photography or filming project.  The authorization will only be for a specific date and time. A blanket authorization will not be granted.  UREC will consider proposals to photograph or film for multiple days in the KCP/ENG but only on a case by case basis.
  • Submission of proposal form is not authorization for taking photographs or filming.  Approval must be granted prior to arriving at the facility.

KCP/ENG Photography and Filming Rules:

  • The KCP/ENG requires a UREC membership to access and use the facilities.
  •  Once authorization is approved, photographer/videographer must identify themselves and purpose to an UREC Building Manager at the UREC Information Desk prior to entering the facility on the authorized date and time.  Building Managers will have been notified of the project from a UREC Administrative Staff.  If the Building Manager has not been notified by UREC Administration, the photography/videography will not be permitted.  If a UREC Administrator has failed to notify the Building Manager that will be addressed with the UREC Administrator; however, filming or photography will not be permitted even if a mistake has occurred.
  • Locker Rooms and Restrooms:  State law prohibits the use of cameras or phone.Locker Room Use Policy_11.07.2022 (1)
  • Klotsche Pool:  Special permission, rules and fees will be associated with photos and filming in the pool.  Filming will not occur when the pool is open for public/open swim.
  • UREC requires that the photographer/videographer gain permission of any person in the facility that may be photographed or filmed even in the background.  If individuals refuse, photography/videography is not permitted in that area.
  • Authority is not granted to ask individuals when they will be done or encourage them to leave the area or work out somewhere else.
  • UREC requires that anyone that submits proposals has an acknowledged understanding of privacy and safety.  If the request is granted with appropriate authorization of a UREC Administrator, the rules set forth will be honored or the person will be required to leave the facility and not be allowed to photograph or film in the facility again.

Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the University Recreation Director, Steven Mohar, at or (414) 229-5087, or Associate Director Heath Powell, at or (414) 229-5209

Refund Policy and Form

University Recreation (UREC) accepts refund requests by completing the following form.  The UREC Business Office will review all requests.

  • Refund requests must be made within 30 days from date of purchase, unless the request is in conflict with other UREC Refund or Cancellation Policies. Outdoor Pursuits Refund and Cancellation Policies
  • Cancellations, credits, or refunds that have a balance of $50 or less may be processed internally to account for future use for UREC services provided by UREC, this credit will expire 1 year after processing.
  • Requested refunds may be charged a $50 processing fee, the $50 processing fee will not apply when requests are processed to a UREC member’s internal account and may be used for future UREC memberships or services.
  • A service fee “may” apply to the requested refund.
  • Refund requests, if granted will only be refunded by original payment method (payments made with cash will be refunded by check) or with credit on account.
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for processing of approved requests.
  • You will be contacted by email if you request is denied.
  • Locker Rentals are non-refundable.
  • Refund policies subject to change without notice.