Steam Shut Down Week and Memorial Day Closure (5/20 - 5/27)
The Klotsche Center and Pavilion will be closed during UWM's Steam Shutdown Week, May 20th - May 26th. The KCP will also be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day. Summer hours will begin on Tuesday, May 28th at 7 am.

To ensure the safeguarding of state and personal property, UREC offers gender-specific or non-gender-specific locker rooms, lockers, and locks to students and UREC members. They have the flexibility to choose between renting lockers and combination locks on a contractual basis or utilizing daily lockers with their personal or rented locks. To facilitate access to these lockers, UREC maintains a master file containing the lock combinations. Rest assured that we prioritize the security and convenience of our users within the locker room facilities.

Rental Types & Additional Information

Student Locker Rentals


Student Rentals Rates*Half Locker RateFull Locker Rate
*Lockers are available for semester purchase with options for Full or Half Lockers (limited availability).

Before purchasing or renewing a locker rental, access to the Klotsche Center and Pavilion is essential. UWM Students should verify that they will be paying the Segregated Fee (please note that branch students do not pay Main Campus segregated fees) to ensure access to the Klotsche Center and Pavilion before proceeding with the renewal or purchase of a membership. Please be aware that locker rentals are non-refundable.

Student lockers are available for rental on a semester basis, and they will expire either with the membership contract or at the end of each semester. It’s important to keep track of the locker’s rental period to avoid any inconvenience.

Member Locker Rentals


Member Rental Rates*Half Locker RateFull Locker Rate
Fall/Spring/Summer* (each)$22$44
*Lockers are available for semester purchase, providing options for Full or Half Lockers (availability may be limited).

To purchase or renew locker rentals, access to the Klotsche Center and Pavilion is required at the time of transaction. Locker rentals are non-refundable.

Annual locker rental is exclusively available to members who purchase an annual membership.

Daily Lockers Rentals

Daily lockers are available in both the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms.

  • Daily Lockers are free to UWM Students and UREC members for same-day use only.
  • Each student or member must provide his/her own lock or rent one for the day.
  • Locks are available for rental at the Equipment Room for $1/day*.

*Please return the rented locks on the same day they were borrowed.

Locker Room Layouts

Men’s Locker Room

Women’s Locker Room


Any locks left on daily lockers after the Klotsche Center and Pavilion closes will be removed, and any belongings inside the locker will be cleared and kept in storage. To retrieve your items, a $10 fee will be charged. If the items are not collected within thirty (30) days, they will become the property of UREC and will be donated to a charity.

The recreation locker room facilities located within the Klotsche Center, specifically Rooms 113, 119, and 131, fall under the jurisdiction of University Recreation and are designated to support the utilization of the Klotsche Center and Pavilion. It is essential for students and UREC members utilizing these amenities to comply with the university’s and department’s regulations and standards, as outlined in the Locker Room Use Policy_11.07.2022 (1).