Steam Shut Down Week and Memorial Day Closure (5/20 - 5/27)
The Klotsche Center and Pavilion will be closed during UWM's Steam Shutdown Week, May 20th - May 26th. The KCP will also be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day. Summer hours will begin on Tuesday, May 28th at 7 am.

Equipment checkout is available to current University Recreation members only.

Renting equipment is a breeze at the equipment room!

  1. Present your ID card to the worker behind the desk.
  2. Make sure to look at the number labeled on the piece(s) of equipment you are checking out.
  3. Keep the rented equipment with you and within the facility during your usage.
  4. Be sure to return the same piece(s) of equipment you checked out!

Items with NO Fees

  • Balls
    • Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Misc.
    • Racquetball goggles
    • Jump ropes
    • Weight Belts
    • Dress Code T-Shirt Rental
    • Crutches (These are reserved for members who injure themselves using the facility)

Items with a Fee

  • Daily Lock – $1
  • Daily Towel – $2
  • Racquetball Racket – $5 (racquet rental includes the rental of a racquetball and goggles)
  • Pickleball Paddle – $5 (paddle rental includes the rental of a pickleball)
  • Badminton Racquet – $5 (racquet rental includes the rental of a birdie)
  • Klotsche Lifetime Towel Service – $18.00
    • Must be purchased at the University Recreation Information Center (PAV 133)
    • This is a take and keep service, UREC does not keep track of towels in our database if the towel is lost
    • The towel is your collateral and must be surrendered each time you request a clean laundered towel

Items Available for Purchase

  • Racquetball Racquet – $20
  • Racquetball Ball – $2
  • Pickleball Paddle – $20
  • Pickleball Ball – $3
  • Badminton Racquet – $20
  • Badminton Birdie – $1