Football Sport Club players looking off into the distance

The UW-Milwaukee Sport Clubs Program is an exciting initiative administered by the Department of University Recreation. It offers students the chance to take on leadership roles and create their own sport clubs. From organizing practices and events, to team travel, students are at the heart of these clubs, infusing them with their passion and energy.

Participation in the Sport Clubs is limited to UW-Milwaukee students who pay segregated fees, providing them with an exclusive opportunity to be part of these active and dynamic communities. Through these clubs, students can not only pursue their sporting interests but also build lasting friendships and foster a sense of belonging within the university. It’s a fantastic platform that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth, making the Sport Clubs Program a valuable and cherished aspect of campus life.

Sport Clubs Leadership Council

The Sport Clubs Leadership Council (SCLC) serves as the student advisory group for the Sport Clubs Program. Collaborating closely with the Sport Clubs Program Staff, the council plays a crucial role in shaping the program’s future and assisting in various administrative tasks, such as disciplinary reviews and evaluating annual club budget requests. All sport club members have the opportunity to run for a position on the SCLC, including roles such as president, vice president, treasurer, and campus relations coordinator.