A personal trainer assisting another woman bench press in the Pavilion weight room

University Recreation (UREC) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a diverse range of programs tailored to cater to the interests and well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

From fitness enthusiasts to outdoor adventurers, there’s something for everyone. UREC’s fitness programs include group exercise classes, personal training sessions, and specialized fitness challenges, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the university community. Whether participants are looking to build strength, enhance flexibility, or engage in high-energy cardio workouts, UREC’s fitness programs are designed to accommodate all fitness levels and preferences.

UREC features aquatic opportunities for those looking to dive into recreation. Open swim times are available for all members, seven days a week. Opportunities are also available for life guard training, AED/CPR Training, and more, all conveniently located in the Klotsche Center.

For those seeking outdoor adventures and a connection with nature, UREC’s Outdoor Pursuits program provides a fantastic opportunity. It offers exciting activities like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and camping, giving participants a chance to explore the Midwest’s beautiful landscapes and create unforgettable memories with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. These programs not only foster physical fitness but also encourage teamwork, self-discovery, and a sense of accomplishment through overcoming challenges in the great outdoors.

Students interested in staying active through means of athletic participation have options as well with UREC. Intramural sports are fun, easy, and free opportunities for classmates, roommates, and friends to create a team for one of our semester-long leagues. For those looking for a bit more competition, and miss the thrill of high school athletics, our sport club programs offer a way into collegiate competition outside of the NCAA. Sport Club teams are groups of like-minded individuals, who still look to remain competitive in the sport they love.

With UREC’s diverse and engaging programs, the university community is empowered to lead a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle while forming meaningful connections with others who share similar interests.