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Position Descriptions & Application Links

In these roles, some positions may require previous experience. All UWM enrolled students are eligible for hire with UREC, however, students will need to commit to an 8–12-hour weekly schedule. Some weekend availability is necessary to cover operational needs.

These positions value strong leadership and communication skills. Candidates will interact with diverse individuals, including staff, students, and community members of various backgrounds, requiring excellent interpersonal abilities. A customer-centric mindset is essential as the role involves meeting the needs of different stakeholders.

Mandatory attendance at UREC training and orientation sessions equips new hires for success. As hiring times and availability vary across departments, checking the website regularly is recommended for potential job seekers.

In summary, candidates interested in this role should meet academic, scheduling, and interpersonal criteria. Focusing on developing leadership, communication, and customer service skills, these positions offer personal and professional growth in a dynamic, diverse setting.



Lifeguard starting pay: $12.00

Job Summary: The lifeguard(s) on duty is/are responsible for ensuring the safety of facility patrons by preventing and responding to emergencies. Required certifications to lifeguard are:

  • Lifeguard Training (American Red Cross LGT, r. 2000 or equivalent)
  • CPR for the Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross or equivalent)
  • Community First Aid (Included in LGT certifications or equivalent)
WSI Swim Instructor

Swim Instructor pay – $16.00 per 30 minute lesson

Job Summary: With limited supervision by the Associate Director and Operations Program Assistant (Learn To Swim Coordinator) this person is responsible for conducting instructional aquatic courses aimed at skills and knowledge pertaining to the specific area of instruction, Learn To Swim Levels as prescribed by the American Red Cross. An emphasis must be placed on maximizing safety while delivering positive customer service at all times.  Required Certifications: Water Safety Instructor certification and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, ARC or equivalent is required. Standard First Aid, ARC or equivalent as well as Lifeguard Certification or ARC equivalent are preferred. The instructor must have:

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Ability to be punctual and work variable hours as necessary
  • Ability to communicate with swim lesson participants and their parents to coordinate lessons times around the open swim pool times
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times

CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor

CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor

CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor – $15.00/hour

Job Summary:The CPR Instructor will teach UREC staff and the UWM community the life-saving skills to recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies.

  • CPR instructors are required (at a minimum) to hold a valid Red Cross CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers Instructor certificate, or preferably hold a Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor certificate. The Lifeguarding Instructor certificate alone will fulfill both the required and preferred certificate requirements.


Fitness Attendant

Fitness Attendant – $11.00/hour

Job Summary: The UREC Fitness Attendant will provide a high level of customer service while supervising the UREC Fitness Center, enforcing policies, cleaning equipment, and ensuring a safe environment. Fitness attendants will be attentive and continually observe/walk through the fitness center, while being available to provide assistance to users.

Personal Trainer

Job Summary: The UREC Personal Trainer will educate clients on proper exercise techniques, conduct fitness testing, and develop safe and effective exercise programs. The trainer will coach, inspire and motivate clients towards established goals.

Group Exercise Instructor

Group X Instructor – $13.00/hour

Job Summary: The UREC Group Exercise Instructor will design and teach safe and effective group exercise classes to a variety of fitness levels. Instructors will educate participants on proper form, anatomy, contraindications and modifications, while creating a fun and safe environment. Candidates must complete the UREC Group Exercise Instructor Training program and/or be certified with an accredited national organization.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Official

Intramural Sports Official – $11.50/hour

Job Summary: At UWM Intramural Sports, our officials are integral to the success of our contests within the Department of University Recreation. To excel in this role, you’ll need a strong understanding of the sport’s rules and the ability to manage various in-game situations effectively. Our officials interact with diverse groups of participants on a nightly basis, placing a strong emphasis on prompt and courteous communication. While we appreciate officiating experience, most of our new hires come with only high school playing experience, though neither is a requirement. This part-time, on-campus position offers you the opportunity to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment alongside like-minded students who share your enthusiasm for sports.


Operations Attendant

Operations Attendant – $11.00/hour

Job Summary: The Operations Attendant position encompasses three different areas.

Information Center:

The Information Center staff serves patrons as a front-line representative of UREC. They control access to the Klotsche Center and Pavilion through use of the Membership Management System. They are responsible for monitoring the Klotsche Center and Pavilion for illegal entries and appropriate behavior of patrons.

Equipment Room:

The Equipment Room Worker must be able to use the Membership Management equipment check out system to check out and process rental fees as well as launder towels.

Facility Services Worker:

The Facility Services Worker serves our patrons by cleaning activity & other areas of the facility. The FSW assists with tasks and errands as needed.

Outdoor Pursuits

Customer Service Representative / Trip Leader
Customer Service Representative / Trip Leader – $11/hour 

All Outdoor Pursuits student staff work as BOTH a Customer Service Representative and a Trip Leader with the option to be trained as a Bike Mechanic.

This application will open February 2025. If hired, this position would start attending weekly staff meetings through the end of the Spring 2025 semester. These meetings are to prep for the mandatory Staff Training Trip the week after Spring graduation. Starting the following week, all newly trained staff have the opportunity to work part time through the Summer. If not available Summer 2025, new hires will start part time work in Fall 2025.

Customer Service Representative
  • Must have successfully completed all Staff Training requirements
  • Must be able to work 4-8 hours per week of recurring, scheduled shifts
  • Must also be serving as a Trip Leader and Bike Mechanic (optional)
  • Must have current CPR/ First Aid certification or obtain through UREC within the first semester of employment
  • Serve students by helping them register for trips/activities
  • Serve students by renting outdoor equipment and providing usage/ care instructions
  • Organize, inspect, clean, and maintain rental equipment
  • Receive bikes from patrons and log using our intake system
  • Assist with marketing efforts including tabling, promotional events, and distribution of marketing materials
  • Provide excellent customer service to patrons and represent Outdoor Pursuits in a positive manner
  • Work diligently on projects and assigned tasks
  • Use any spare time to collaborate with co trip leader on planning and prep for upcoming trips
Trip Leader
  • Must have successfully completed all Trip Leader Training requirements
  • Presence and full participation are mandatory for May, August, October, and January training dates
  • Must demonstrate competency during training in stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, urban biking, mountain biking, car camping, hiking, longboarding, and canoeing to lead activity specific trips
  • Must be able to lead at least four individual day trips and one weekend trip per semester
  • Must also be serving as a Customer Service Representative and Bike Mechanic (optional)
  • Actively plan, prepare, and facilitate trips and activities with co leader(s)
  • Manage and mitigate risks by assessing accident potential before and during events
  • Schedule and hold pre-trip meetings for any trip lasting two days or more in duration
  • Plan and manage all aspects of assigned trips including transportation, risk management, equipment, meal preparation, and educational lessons/ facilitation
  • Meet with Program Director and co-trip leader(s) one week before assigned trip to present risk management plan and detailed itinerary
  • Receive post trip feedback from participants on different aspects of the trip and overall job performance
  • Debrief trips with Program Director and staff team during weekly staff meetings
  • Encouraged to pursue a Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification


Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist – $11.50/hour

Job Summary: The UREC Social Media Specialist professionally and positively posts and engages on UREC social media platforms to tell the story of UREC and increase awareness. Independently generate ideas, collect content, and create engaging social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter according to UREC’s Social Media Marketing Guidelines.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer – $13.00/hour

Job Summary: Create fun, eye-catching graphics to promote University Recreation programs including Group Exercise Classes, Intramural Sports and Outdoor Trips. Designs will be needed for social media, TV screens in the Klotsche center, and large scale printed banners (up to 8’x8’) to hang in the Union. Turnaround time is usually quick. Expect to work about 6-10 hours per week, with option to work remote.


Videographer – $13.00/hour

Job Summary: The UREC Videographer will capture and edit professional videos showcasing UREC’s fitness classes, sport programs and more. Videos will be posted on a variety of media outlets including Instagram, YouTube and the UREC Website. Flexible hours including occasional nights and weekends to capture footage of our events. Expect to work about 6-8 hours per week, some remote. Efficient editing skills are a must as well as creativity, initiative and ability to work independently.


Photographer – $13.00/hour

Job Summary: The UREC Photographer will capture and edit professional digital images ranging from fast paced sports to still staff shots. Photos will need to be edited in a a quick turnaround time to be used to effectively promote UREC on social media. Some photos will also be used for large scale printed posters. Creativity, initiative and independent work skills are a must! Expect to work about 6-8 hours per week, some remote.

Special Events

Special Event Worker

Special Events – $11.00/hour

Job Summary: Special Events provides a flexible schedule for staff to work during Athletic Competition events held at the Klotsche Center. Special Events staff will be responsible for the safe and efficient setup and tear down of all equipment in the Klotsche Center Arena. Qualified applicants will be independent workers who are able to work in a physical, fast-paced, team environment. Significant physical and manual labor is required. Applicants must be able to safely lift 50 pounds repeatedly for 2 hours.

Sport Clubs

Sport Club Supervisor

Job Summary:

Sport Club Supervisor – $11.00/hour

  • Provide on-site supervision and coordination Sport Clubs events on campus
  • Must be CPR and First Aid certified (will be provided by UREC)
  • Manage risk, attain to injuries, and provide first aid as needed.
  • Provide exemplary customer service and manage conflict positively with professional comportment during all events.
  • Assist with setup and teardown of event.
  • Provide clear communication with Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs Program Assistants and Professional Staff.
  • Attend all required departmental and program trainings and meetings.
  • Ensure the proper functionality of all equipment.
  • Answer and rule on all disputes and arguments.
  • Accurately complete all necessary departmental and program reports.
  • Understand and enforce all departmental and program policies and procedures
  • Knowledge and ability to initiate on-campus facilities’ Emergency Action Plans.
  • Maintain control of all aspects of each event and game
  • Must be able to become an authorized driver approved by University Safety and Assurances.
  • Available 10-25 hours per week
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher and Subitup.
  • Assist with sport club equipment rental process.
  • Assertive and confident attitude

Learning Outcomes

UREC student employee learning outcomes:

  1. UREC Student employees will be able to articulate how they utilize critical thinking skills as they relate to problem solving and conflict resolution.
  2. UREC student employees can identify an awareness of diversity and will be able to enforce our policies and procedures to create an inclusive facility.
  3. UREC student employees develop and enhance time management skills by closely monitoring their schedules and working their scheduled shifts.