September 17, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported she is attending the first Faculty Representatives meeting later this week. Topics to be discussed include the UWGB Chancellor search and committee membership; access of Emeritus faculty to campus IT resources, and the sabbatical approval process. K. Dolan also met with the ASC this week.

Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan provided an update on our 4-year assurance review for accreditation – we were rated as meeting all core components of the accreditation criteria. VC Venugopalan said we can improve on Gen Ed assessment, which is monitored by APCC; many Gen Ed courses do not report assessment information. As UWM is designated Open Pathway, UWM needs to submit a quality initiative proposal this fall – this initiative is supposed to demonstrate significant scope and impact on academic quality and student success. Attention will be paid to activities enhancing 6-year graduation rates and first year retention (e.g. mentoring, tutoring, supplemental instruction) and ways to increase participation rates in these activities, especially among underrepresented minority students. The Provost’s Office will assess and encourage faculty participation in retention.

UC Member Tina Freiburger reported that at the APBC meeting, there was a discussion of how schools and colleges that charge fees instead of tuition (e.g. Business, SOIS, online courses across all schools/colleges) will be taxed next year by central administration. Fringe benefit charges will also be charged back to schools and colleges as well. Schools and colleges can spend their carry forward budgets.

UC Member John Reisel reported that SSEA met and elected Jeffrey Sommers as chair for this year.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that GFC elected Aaron Schutz as chair of the committee for 2019-20. GFC discussed changes to the Academic Approval Matrix. Former subcommittees are now full committees, so they report directly to the Faculty Senate, instead of GFC.

Changes to Post-Tenure Review is the main item on the agenda for the Faculty Senate meeting later this week, which will follow the Chancellor’s Plenary.

Dean of Students Adam Jussel and Academic Staff Senate Chair Leigh Wallace will attend next week’s meeting.