September 10, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she had her first one-to-one meeting with the Provost. The Provost stressed that this is the year to engage faculty in student retention by highlighting high impact practices.

K. Dolan reported that all faculty standing committee vacancies have been filled.

Chancellor Mark Mone attended the meeting. He reported that there will be a celebration at the Panther Arena on Thursday, marking the end of the very successful funding campaign. Funds raised will be used primarily for student scholarships and advancement of research. Some portion of the funds will be used for partnerships and community engagement. All the speakers at the event will be members of the campaign cabinet.

Chancellor Mone described highlights that will be presented in the September, 2019 Plenary, including UWM’s continuing R1 status, undergraduate research engagement and the successful fund-raising campaign. He will also address challenges resulting from the drop in enrollment. He will address the campus plan to deal with the drop including programmatic innovations and rebranding. He will stress the vital role faculty have in this process.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Space committee meeting had been cancelled. The Rules committee met and set the Faculty Senate agenda. Rules suggested that the UC formally invite Ray Cross to attend a Senate meeting.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Behavior and Facilities working group is developing an access and use policy.  They intend to produce a pamphlet explaining the already existing policies, and plan to suggest additional training for building chairs. J. Reisel also attended the PAC meeting. SAAP S-47 will be on the Senate agenda as Automatic Consent. The MAGE (Male Advocacy for Gender Equality) group also met.

UC Member Tina Freiburger reported that the APBC will meet this week.