October 27, 2020

K. Dolan reported that the Expanded Cabinet meeting discussed data and cyber-security on campus following a presentation by Vice Provost for Research Mark Harris. The federal government has identified universities as potential security risks and the task force was created to bring UWM into compliance with new regulations. Work on these issues was delayed after the pandemic began but is now starting up again. The issues discussed were related to security of data during travel, permanent appointments at other institutions, intellectual property rights etc. Some of this could be addressed through the existing OAR forms, which could be expanded to include additional information about a broader range of potential conflicts of interest. The results of student and instructional staff survey were also discussed and the Provost’s Office will be meeting with Deans and Associated Deans to discuss the results and present possible strategies for dealing with problems raised. K. Dolan and K. Esguerra will be taking part in that meeting. Dissemination of the data will be moving outward from the administration. The unanticipated costs of the pandemic are becoming an issue and questions have been raised about possibly using S&E to offset some of the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by faculty and staff. N. Rothfels commented that the impact on non-lab or studio research has also not been addressed adequately and should be discussed. At the Chancellors/Provosts meeting with UW System President Thompson it became clear that Thompson and BOR President Drew Peterson were unaware that some schools are going fully online after Thanksgiving while some are not, UWM included and expressed surprise when informed that campuses are not planning to go virtual after spring break in 2021. It is unclear whether there a System-wide policy will be instituted.

The nominations for the Police Advisory Commission were discussed; four of the faculty invited to be nominated agreed to be considered and the names were submitted to Robin Van Harpen, who will visit the Faculty Senate meeting in November to talk about the composition, evolution and charge of the commission. The commission is not a faculty governance committee that is derived from and reports to the Senate so proper policy was followed in the way potential members were identified by the UC, which, as the EC of the Faculty Senate, has the authority to nominate possible candidates for administrative committees as per Chapter 6.246 in P&P.

N. Rothfels suggested that the recent announcement of multiple factor authentication required of students is also problematic – the potential problems have not been presented and should be. Why was it necessary to do this in the middle of the semester? Guidance must be provided to faculty regarding how to deal with students that cannot access course materials or are having technical issues. How will students get fobs if they do not have smart phones? Students should be able to apply for a waiver without having to jump through too many hoops, especially if they are graduating in December.

ASC Chair K. Esguerra reported that the ASC was asked for three names to be submitted to the Provost and Chancellor for the Campus Police Advisory Commission. Also discussed was the increased costs due to the pandemic of maintaining a home office that are not reimbursed by the University (increased internet speed, printer purchases, Zoom accounts). Jamie Cimpl-Wiemer from EDS was invited to the last ASC meeting to discuss the impact on underrepresented staff of furloughs and layoffs. This year’s analysis of data on this subject will be shared with the group.

In Members’ Reports: the Policy Advisory Committee reviewed Firearms & Criminal Background check updates (Reisel) and the APBC appointed a member to the Physical Environment Committee (Snethen). Tim Danielsen sent out an e-mail about the new working group examining title changes for Academic Staff – N. Rothfelsl will represent the UC in discussions of potential issues associated with the proposed changes. K. Dolan suggested additional faculty might be good to add to committee since it these changes will eventually go through faculty approval.