October 2, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that there was good attendance at the Male Allies workshop. The workshop provided an introduction to the issue of workplace culture around gender. There may be a subsequent Advocates training in the future.

Associate Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan and Provost Johannes Britz attended, and presented on the proposed Program Productivity Monitoring Policy, and how it could impact programs at UWM. Provost Britz said the primary approach UWM will take is to work with schools and colleges to identify strategies that will support current programs. There will be an upcoming comment period on the policy. The search and screen committees for the open CGS and CHS Dean positions are being developed and each will convene soon.

SecU staff Christine Roberson attended to seek clarification on how awards committees may be impacted by the need to change charters for the Faculty Awards and Recognitions Committee (ARC), Honorary Degree Committee (HON), and Academic Staff Awards Committee (ASAC).

UC member Dev Misra reported on the SSEA meeting, where he was elected as chair. They will be distributing a survey on teaching to all faculty and instructional academic staff.

Kristine Surerus came to discuss the charter and functioning of the Faculty Ethics Advisory Committee.