November 5, 2019

B. Arnold reported the R1 workgroup will be split into two “tracks” – one on research, and one on graduate student success and recruitment, with combined meetings to be periodically held by the respective chairs of the two working groups. APBC discussions about the 2021-2023 budget are continuing. Also, most faculty and staff are now signed up for Duo Factor authentication. The remainder is comprised primarily of adjunct instructors. Only one school has members who have not completed outside activities report documentation. Those who have not completed this may not be eligible for the pay plan.

Provost Johannes Britz continues to identify reasons for lower enrollment so they can be addressed. A transfer summit is being planned to discuss transfer agreements and barriers to transfers.The campus early warning system is working well; there are plans to incorporate texting in addition to email messaging. Provost Britz also indicates the need to be more competitive. The Graduate School Open House event set a record for most attendees in its history. The Honors College is also doing well, with high graduation rates.

Provost Britz informed us that Nancy Frank will continue as Interim Dean of SARUP for the next year. The search for the next HBSSW Dean is also continuing. The integration of all campus multicultural centers has been completed.

Provost Britz continues to meet with all schools and colleges on campus, to engage in budgetary planning for the next several years (divisional budgets). There is a Board of Regents meeting this week, and the Provost retreat is on Wednesday the 6th. The next capital budget requests will include NWQ, the Engineering building, and additional parking for Chemistry.

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she attended the UW System Faculty Representatives meeting in Madison last week. Emeritus faculty across campuses are having trouble accessing email and library resources. IT is the largest challenge, as the perception is that emeriti are seen as the largest security risk for phishing. Also, amendment of governing documents to include Policy 1254, meant to standardize performance evaluations across employment categories, is currently on hold. K. Dolan stated that Faculty Representatives were informed of the All-In-Wisconsin campaign, which will travel to all 13 comprehensive campuses over the next year. The purpose of the campaign is to bring business leaders to campuses for networking and relationship-building. Day-long sessions will also include the Regents for that area, and will involve coverage by local media and social media. UWM’s visit is tentatively scheduled for spring. A progress report on the restructuring of UW System was given at the meeting; 94% of the milestones for the integration of the 2-year schools with the 4-year schools have been completed at the system level. There was also discussion of how the results of the Title and Total Compensation project will affect academic staff. There was a presentation on job titles – linked to salaries – vs. business titles, which may be created by campuses and will not be tied to pay or performance.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported the R1 workgroup will be split into two “tracks” – one on research, and one on student success and recruitment. Combined meetings will be periodically held by the respective chairs of the two working groups.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Policy Advisory Committee approved a revision of the Academic Approval Matrix Policy, which will go to Faculty Senate for approval. The Honors College Advisory Committee also met; the Honors College has steadily increasing enrollment. They are trying to build connections with the Honors programs at the Waukesha and Washington County campuses.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee has approved the agenda for next week’s Senate meeting.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that MORFS membership applications are beginning to be completed and submitted.

The search committee was announced for the UW System President; it does not include any faculty, academic staff, or university staff members. A motion will be made to suspend the rules at the next Faculty Senate meeting (11-14-19) to add a resolution condemning the failure to include faculty and staff on the committee. The draft of the resolution will be sent to Senators several days prior to the meeting.