October 29, 2019

CHS Dean Tim Behrens attended. He stated that enrollment challenges require CHS to be nimble and more efficient. Future conversations with faculty and staff will cover workload consistency across units, how the budget model is affecting CHS, and curricula. Collaborations with ZSPH are also being explored.

ASC Chair Leigh Wallace attended. She reported that staff are concerned with the upcoming rollout and implementation of the Titling and Total Compensation Study results. HR representatives will begin meeting with supervisors in November to discuss how to present this information to staff affected by title changes. To this point, mechanisms to attain indefinite status remain in place. L. Wallace was asked how this might affect CGS staff; she was unclear on how they would be impacted. She also stated that a mentoring program for academic staff is being considered. A survey to gauge interest may be developed and distributed. Finally, ASC is meeting with all new Deans over the next several months.

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that she attended the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting last week. At the meeting, it was discussed that the format of future meetings will change, each meeting will have a theme. At the meeting, Vice Chancellor of Development and Alumni Relations Pat Borger presented on the recent fundraising campaign and the successful raising of $250,000,000. During this drive, funds were established for 304 new scholarships. Approximate breakdowns of the proceeds are: $133 million for student success, $89 million for research, and $29 million for community engagement. Approximately 21,000 total donors pledged money during the drive. The UW System Chancellors will increase their next budgetary request of the Board of Regents, compared to prior requests.
Also, UW System President Ray Cross will retire after a national search to fill his position. Finally, the Chancellor’s Chief of Staff Sue Weslow sent a survey to Expanded Cabinet members to evaluate Chancellor Mark Mone. The results were mostly positive. Areas identified for improvement were: 1) brevity in communications; 2) delegation of more work to cabinet members; and 3) increased attention needed for entities external to the University.

K. Dolan also attended the meeting of the Chancellor’s 2030 Think Tank last week; the meeting was well-attended. Reports from workgroup members are expected by April 15th. Chancellor Mone and Provost Johannes Britz may also use the group as a sounding board.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported the R1 workgroup met and clarified their mandate to discuss strategies to maintain the university’s R1 status.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee met and discussed the rollout of the Titling and Total Compensation Study results. Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Tim Danielson will attend a meeting in later in the semester to discuss the results and plans for implementation.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that the introduction letter for MORFS is ready to send to the faculty; the letter will be sent by the SecU office. He will arrange meetings with department chairs to discuss the organization and its mission.

In new business, several Faculty Senate vacancies have been filled. There is still one position open on Faculty Senate, a 1-year position for faculty in the Social Sciences. Bill Keith has agreed to serve on the Student Association Independent Elections Commission. There will be an election for an open position on SSEA at the November Faculty Senate meeting. There is also a newly open position on GFC.