November 30, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that:  1) He met with the Chancellor and engaged in discussion about COVID planning for next semester, equity issues and enrollment challenges in the College of General Studies, and the need to engage the AAFEC in the new equity hiring process; and 2) AVP & Library Director M. Doylen indicated that UWM Libraries have switched to a longer (5-year) borrowing period for books.

The UC discussed the new proposed campus policy related to the upcoming federal COVID vaccine mandate, noting that more details are needed in the termination procedure, and provisionally recommending approval (with the strong suggestion that those changes be made).

UWM representatives from the UW-System COVID CARES group (M. Brennan, E. Liedhegner, and L. Hager) met with the committee to discuss issues related to caregivers in higher education. It was stressed that this is not just about COVID matters but difficulties originating from many sources. The overall concern is that these issues have long-term impacts on faculty/staff careers, and that there is no on-going systematic strategy on campus to address them. Rothfels will take the initiative to reach out to the new DEI VC (as soon as possible after the appointment is made) to arrange for a meeting (including the CARES group and UC members) to discuss how to meaningfully integrate this type of support consideration into UWM governance activities (especially in retention/tenure/promotion decisions).