November 23, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that:  1) DEI VC candidate interviews have now concluded; 2) A faculty member has been selected to serve on the AVC for Human Resources search committee; 3) The new campus police chief will be announced in early December; and 4) Communication was received from the Arts & Humanities Divisional committee regarding the roles/interactions of departmental and divisional criteria for tenure and promotion, which prompted additional general discussion and clarification.

ASC Chair N. Oswald provided the following updates:  1) 20-25 volunteers have been solicited to serve on TTC appeals committees; 2) TTC discussions and concerns continue; 3) Some instructors have reported inconsistent communications about positive COVID test notices related to students in their classes; and 4) Concerns are emerging about potential academic staff representation issues emerging from the planned campus School/College realignment.

Registrar K. Hildebrandt and Provost J. Britz visited the UC to discuss the recently announced proposed new standardized scheduling policy. The impetus for the change is related to providing flexibility for students to be better able to easily schedule needed classes. Input from campus on this issue will continue to be gathered.

AVC D. Venugopalan joined the meeting to discuss the consideration of proposed changes to GER requirements. This process will be a difficult and much more deliberation is needed before any plan can be ready for consideration/approval by the Faculty Senate.

Lastly, member E. Bornstein reported that the AAFEC met and discussed Search & Screen procedures, as well as how the committee can get “connected” into the new targeted hiring process being developed by campus administration, especially regarding identifying target areas.