November 1

We started off with the Chair’s report and focused on the status of Post-Tenure Review policy. Our PTR document has not been sent to the UW System yet but will be by the Nov 15th deadline. After all the campuses have submitted plans, they will go to the Board of Regents for consideration during their December meeting. The UC will be working on PTR implementation guidelines for departments.

UC members reported that the search and screen committee for the College of L&S Dean position will have its first meeting tomorrow. Last week, the AAFEC met with Jamie Cimple-Wiemer from the Office of Equity and Diversity Services and discussed how that office could help search and screen committees implement best practices for building diverse candidate pools.

The UC also followed up from last week with a discussion of the international pathways provider that the university is negotiating with. The UC expressed concerns that shared governance groups and academic units will need to have time to examine and consult on the proposal before any contract is signed.

Under new business, a faculty member from CEAS brought forward allegations of P&P violations by the Dean’s office.