May 3, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) Interim Provost interviews are underway and will wrap up tomorrow—the selection is expected by the end of the week; 2) Chancellor M. Mone indicated that the NWQ Building A demolition remains a “tug of war” legal issue between the State and City; 3) Provost Britz discussed his preparations to ensure leadership continuity on campus; 4) Rothfels attended the memorial service for the two UWM students who passed away; 5)  At the ASC meeting yesterday he heard about their continued efforts to help staff navigate the “Teaching Faculty” title transition; and 6)  Following up on the DP appointment discussion from last week, Nigel clarified that there is no set compensation increase systematically associated with the conferral of the honorific.

The UC met with Provost J. Britz, who provided the following updates: 1) He is working quickly on his transition to the new position at UW-System; 2) UW-System appears to be poised to implement significant changes in operation—shifting toward a role involving more support of campuses; and 3) SARUP will now remain together as a school in the new College of the Arts and Architecture.

Sec of U J. Reisel reported that:  1) Changes to FRRC procedures will be coming to the Faculty Senate meeting next week for consideration; and 2) He is working on organizing Faculty Documents so that those still relevant to current P&P matters can be easily found.

Finally, member E. Bornstein reported that the AAFEC met last Friday with Assoc. VC C. Vang and new AVC & Chief Human Resources Office M. Fessahaye regarding implementation of DEI search & screen processes in connection with campus faculty/staff recruitments.  Member M. D. Schwartz also informed the UC that changes are apparently underway in campus dorm meal plans that may impact Union food services starting in Fall 2022.  Details on this issue, as well as a response to concerns raised by Schwartz are expected to be provided by Student Services soon.