May 10, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) L&S Dean S. Gronert has been appointed as interim Provost; 2) He attended the Governance Reps meeting in Madison last Friday.  Major issues discussed included the need for a more robust conversation with UW-System on proposed policy changes, and what the actual timing will be on the distribution of the “free speech” survey to students in the Fall 2022 semester; and 3) UW-Madison’s PROFS organization, as well as several Faculty Reps from other campuses have already met with the incoming UW-System President.  Rothfels and Reisel will start working on extending and invitation for President J. Rothman to meet with our campus governance groups in Fall 2022.

The UC met with Chancellor M. Mone and new VC for Development and Alumni Relations J. Nesbitt, who provided the following updates: 1)  UC members introduced themselves to the new VC, and she provided an overview of on-going plans for actions and staff reorganizations—mostly compatible with things already being implemented by staff in response to feedback after the last capital campaign; 2) The search for the “permanent” Provost, as well as the reboot of the VC for Marketing, Communications, and University Relations search will both start in late summer or early fall; and 3) The Chancellor is gearing up for the June Regents meeting in order to provide a strong push forward for the UWM funding initiative.

Finally, the UC unanimously elected N. Rothfels to continue as chair in 2022-2023, and member M. D. Schwartz also agreed to serve as Faculty Rep and UC Liaison.