May 2

Several summary reports on the evaluation of administrators (that of the Provost and of the deans in the College of Engineering and Applied Science) have been produced. Interested authorized parties can view the reports in the Secretary of University‘s office.

Provost Britz met today with the UC and briefed us on the current status of dean searches. The Public Health dean position remains open and will be re-advertised. Britz is calling references for the Letters & Science dean position. Two candidates for Dean of Nursing have interviewed, and a third is coming next week.

Britz mentioned that a base-budget increase of $2 million for Nursing has been incorporated in the UW System request to the legislature as part of workforce development. A proposal to include Engineering as well is in the works. He also mentioned that he is considering a way to supplement full-year sabbatical leaves to make it more possible for professors on lower salaries to take advantage of a full-year leave.

The UC received a copy of a report of the Student Association that shows that of the over 2000 people surveyed (most of whom were UWM students) about half had experienced food insecurity. (See general information on the project.) Some campus organizations are providing food aid, but a more central approach led by an authority on campus might make sense.