April 25

Today, Kris O’Connor joined the UC as a replacement for Jasmine Alinder, who resigned to become acting associate dean of the College of Letters and Science.

Academic Staff Committee (ASC) Vice Chair Cashin met with the UC today. She will be continuing in leadership of the ASC next year as chair. She and the rest of ASC is working on revising several Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures (ASPPP), especially Chapter 104 on appointments, to harmonize practice and policy in a way that still protects AS personnel. One question that arose is if probationary appointments (and a chance for indefinite status) are to be de-emphasized, will there still be incentives for university service?

The chair reported on details from an extended chancellor’s cabinet. Given projected enrollment declines, UWM may see a further cut of $8M in the following year. UWM employees are currently undergoing mandatory Title IX training; in the fall another required training on Data Security is coming, and after that, a possible required training on climate and culture issues.

A discussion on reviewing budgetary implications of new academic programs revealed a consensus view that the new programs should require approval from the APBC, as opposed to merely informing the APBC. The existing approval matrix does not include a committee charged with budgetary, rather than academic considerations.

In other items, the UC set a meeting schedule for the summer, meeting approximately every two weeks (except for the July 4th holiday).