March 8, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) He contacted the CARE team and suggested the April Faculty Senate meeting for their presentation and consideration of a resolution of support, which they readily agreed to; 2) Nigel will be attending the Academic Staff Senate meeting later today; and 3) He met with Provost Britz last week, focusing on issues surrounding support among units for shared governance.  This will likely lead to an invitation for him to address a future campus leadership meeting.

Chancellor M. Mone provided the following updates: 1) The bi-annual capital budget meeting with UW-System is taking place today.  Priorities for UWM include funding for continued NWQ remodeling, building a new Engineering/Neurosciences structure, and resources to pay off the remaining balance due for the ZSPH site; 2) UW-System will be asked to help with the issues delaying the demolition of NWQ Building A; 3) The campus reinvestment overture to the BOR continues to move forward.  Mone recently met with incoming interim UW-System President M. Falbo, as well as representative from the NAACP, Urban League, as well as major local business supporters about this effort; 4) The Chancellor will address stress and morale challenges facing the campus workforce at the March 15th Town Hall; and 5) The UC asked him to work on finding ways to mitigate the increasing disconnect between faculty/staff service loads and the recognition/remuneration received for doing these essential functions.

The UC met with English Department Chair L. Hall to discuss concerns about the “tone” of recent meetings meant to engage faculty in the process of identifying individuals who may be guilty of fiscal misconduct on campus.  We agreed that these meetings, as well as other “trainings” need to be presented in a more concise manner that focuses on things that are relevant to real university situations.

Lastly, member E. Bornstein noted that the AAFEC met this past week.