June 2, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Committee Leads met on June 2 to finalize the report to be discussed on Friday with the whole committee before forwarding the report to the Provost and the Chancellor. The report will focus on efforts to move along two tracks for fall: 1) how to maximize face-to-face classes to the degree that this can be done safely and 2) to make sure that faculty and academic staff work with CETL to ensure quality of instruction for fall online courses. Higher education institutions can’t open until the criteria outlined in Phase 4 of Milwaukee’s plan for reopening are met; the first weekly review suggested that we are still at Phase 2. It is possible that all instruction in Milwaukee will be online in fall if the city fails to meet these benchmarks. A connected issue is K-12 education; if the  Milwaukee schools are not open a significant number of faculty would not be able to return to campus.

ASC Chair Leigh Wallace reported that ASC will continue to meet over the summer. There will be no ASC Senate meeting next week because no recommendations are available yet for fall. Informational meetings will be scheduled for July and August. Tim Danielson met with the ASC to discuss concerns regarding the furlough situation; 213 mostly non-instructional academic staff and a few research academic staff were furloughed in Phase 1 and 2 in a mix of full or partial furloughs. Concerns were expressed about layoffs and returning in the fall, especially personal safety and health concerns if faculty decline to teach face-to-face classes. Only two requests for information were received regarding status clock extensions but no formal requests have been submitted yet. The ASC may revisit this issue in September. Kyla Esguerra will be the new ASC Chair & Nicole Oswald will be Vice Chair. Tim Danielson also reported to the ASC that the TTC process has been temporarily suspended until Aug/Sept. There were some issues with paychecks for June 1 because so many different percentages regarding salaries had to be calculated. An email will go out on Thursday informing Academic Staff to check paychecks to make sure there are no problems.

There were no Members’ Reports.