July 6, 2021

Chancellor Mone reported that protocols for fall will be announced in the first week of August and updates will be provided regularly between now and then. The BOR meeting this week will also deal with some of these issues. Testing will continue through September but System will not be supporting testing after that date. Various activities are planned to promote vaccination in the fall; Madison is shooting for 80% of students vaccinated but this benchmark will be more of a challenge at UWM because students do not all live on campus. S. Neitzel has resigned as VP of University System Relations and is being temporarily replaced by UWM alumnus J. Buhrandt as part of the changes in the Board in anticipation of the search for a new President of the UW System. Enrollments are close to September 2019 numbers but are up compared to last summer at this time. Final numbers are likely going to be between these two poles.

Vice Provost of Academic Affairs D. Clark reported at UC Chair K. Dolan’s invitation that 3600 new students are registered for orientation but the actual numbers may be closer to 3000 by the time classes begin in the fall. Returning student numbers are down because the graduation numbers were up this past spring and because the freshman class last fall was impacted by the pandemic. The increase in the number of part-time students may be due to uncertainty regarding both finances and modality.

In-coming Secretary of the University J. Reisel reported that the six new faculty hires on the main campus are not even close to replacing the losses of the past year; none of the new hires are in L&S and four are in the Business School. UC Chair K. Dolan suggested discussing this imbalance with the Provost at the next meeting.

UC Chair K. Dolan reported that Committee appointments are still in progress; 12 of the 17 positions have been filled. Questions were raised about how committees will meet in the fall – f2f, virtually or hybrid? Each committee should be able to decide the modality based on the availability of technology in the meeting rooms assigned and the needs of committee members. How the UC and Senate will meet is also still to be decided depending on the progress of the pandemic and the available technology.

Provost Britz will attend the July 20 meeting.