June 22, 2021

UC Chair K. Dolan reported on her meeting with Provost Britz, including the updated enrollment numbers presented at the last Expanded Cabinet Meeting. The news is better than it was a few weeks ago but campus enrollments for continuing students are still down 1.7% compared to last year. It is likely that many students will be registering later than usual. Graduate student re-enrollments and associate degree enrollments at the two-year schools are robust. Final numbers for incoming freshmen are still pending; online orientation is ongoing. International student enrollments also look better than this time last year. The 2030 realignment implementation is continuing; SARUP and the Peck School are still discussing the details of merging; the three public health programs will be sorted into a College of Nursing and a School of Public Health but where groups in the three existing schools will end up is still being negotiated. The Office of Research and Graduate School will also be combined. Budget negotiations in Madison did not include funding the NW Quad but the renovation of the Sandberg Residence Halls is still included. The Chancellor will continue to pursue the apparent interest among some of the BOR members regarding a change to the UW System funding formula. The Expanded Cabinet Meeting included an EAB presentation on three years of data attempting to argue that a relationship exists between the amount of money raised and the size of the staff involved in advancement efforts. The 2% January 2022 and 2% January 2023 pay raises are still in the budget document for now A. Dressel has agreed to be the faculty representative on the Change of Modalities Review Committee. Committee vacancies will have to be filled by August.

In Members’ Reports N. Rothfels reported that the AAFEC met with Vice Provost D. Venugopalan and Interim Chief of DEI C. Vang; the taskforce in the Office of DEI has been disbanded and C. Vang will be working directly with the AAFEC instead to avoid duplication of effort.

Chancellor Mone will attend the July 6 meeting.