July 30, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor is making progress in finding individuals to serve on governance committees. He will be working on Divisional Committees, the FAGC and the FRRC this coming week. The Provost will have a retreat for new Deans on August 19 and 20 and a retreat for Department Chairs on August 20 and 21. Incoming UC Chair Kathy Dolan will have an introductory meeting with the new Deans in September. PSOA Dean Scott Emmons reported that Professor Ray Fleming will be the Chair in the Department of Art and Design.

The Chancellor reported that there will be additional base funding for integration of the two-year colleges. He also reported that UWM is working with an architectural firm to produce plans for the engineering building.

School of Education Dean Alan Shoho discussed augmenting the Executive Committee of the Department of Administrative Leadership.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported on progress in establishing MORFS. He will meet with a member of Legal Affairs to discuss various issues.

The committee continued reviewing the PTR policy. The committee discussed the relationship of the Deans, the faculty member and the Executive Committee in the formulating the remediation plan. The document will be sent to the Codification Committee.

UC Member John Reisel will attend the Codification Committee to discuss changes to P and P 4.05 (2)(C).