January 25, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) Another faculty senator from the Social Sciences division is still needed; 2) He has started attending the AVC for HR search finalist forums; 3) A new campus student recruitment campaign is being planned and will be a significant charge for the new VC for University Communications (once hired).  Interestingly, consultants have commented that our R1 status is an important campus asset that should be used to distinguish us from other universities; 4) He attended the UW-System governance reps meeting last Friday.  Faculty reps were profoundly disappointed in how the Presidential search process concluded, especially the lack of any public forums for the finalists; and 5) On a positive note, a campus governance support document is being assembled, and it appears (as reported earlier) that there may well be a Regents/UW-System push to provide some funding to all campuses in support of shared governance.

ASC Chair N. Oswald provided the following updates: 1) They are still working on developing a AS/US pay progression plan with campus HR; 2) 115 TTC appeals have been filed, but 15 were quickly resolved.  The first hearings on the rest will start by the end of February; and 3) More detailed information (by School/College) is needed to explore the actual changes of AS numbers in recent years.

Member M. Schwartz noted that the MORFS membership drive will be suspended for the time being, but the 501 (c) (6) organization will continue to be kept active for potential future use.