January 18, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) Many needed Faculty Senate openings have been filled, but one more is necessary; 2) He will create a draft resolution related to the Campus Climate Action Plan for discussion (intended to be jointly considered by the Academic Staff, University Staff, and Student Senates) which will then accompany the planned presentation by Director of Sustainability Kate Nelson at the February Faculty Senate Meeting; and 3) UW-System is seeking transition advice from campus governance groups for the incoming President.

Provost J. Britz provided the following updates: 1) Clear communication from all instructors to their students is crucial for a smooth start to the Spring semester; 2) N95 masks will be made freely available to faculty and staff this semester (logistics to be announced shortly) and COVID-19 testing on campus is continuing; and 3) He is gathering and coordinating input from other Provosts regarding the UW-System President Finalists.

DEI VC C. Vang joined the meeting for an open-ended discussion regarding how campus can become a more inclusive and supportive workplace, especially:  1) The need to backup “nice talk” with actions; 2) How to better align our practices with those on other campuses across the country—especially structural realignment to add more staff; and 3) The need for DEI Liaisons at the School/College level.