February 28, 2023

In member reports:

  • At APBC, Provost Gronert indicated that the UW Budget is likely to see a 4% increase in resident tuition and a 1% increase in non-resident tuition.
  • Also at APBC, Dean Harris mentioned that most GTAs are paid from 133 funds and so a pay increase for these GTAs would have to be internally funded.
  • The SFS Dean search has three candidates making public appearances this and next week.
  • The Chancellor’s advisory committee for LGBTQ+ Advocacy met and chose a chair.

ASC Chair Priem visited and reported that as the ASC was updating language to reflect the school/college realignment, they noticed some inconsistencies and no longer relevant structures. Their Codification Committee is going through their regulations to clean things up. They have already identified a number of committees that no longer meet and can be removed.

Priem also reported that the APBC asked the ASC to survey academic staff for their experiences with the TTC process.