December 10, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported that Regent VP Michael Grebe will attend the Faculty Reps meeting in Madison later this week.

K. Dolan had her monthly meeting with Provost Johannes Britz yesterday, and raised building safety (e.g. offices and classrooms) as an issue. Provost Britz will bring this issue to the Chancellor’s Cabinet. They also discussed structural difficulties for CGS faculty regarding committee membership.

Chancellor Mark Mone was unable to attend, due to a scheduling conflict.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that the HBSSW Dean Search and Screen Committee meets tomorrow. They will review draft interview questions and will discuss scoring of applications that have already been submitted. The R1 workgroup also met, and has identified the need to examine what similar universities are doing to maintain their R1 status.

UC Member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the Affirmative Action in Faculty Employment Committee (AAFEC) is continuing to work on draft materials. Questions of overlap of committee tasks were raised, as other university committees may also be working on similar tasks. UC will look into this.

There is tension among staff regarding the implementation of title changes informed by the Title and Total Compensation study results. However, there is a campus-level plan to retain business titles that is being worked on by Vice Chancellor Robin Van Harpen and her staff. UC will recommend that this plan be discussed at Thursday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

Provost Johannes Britz and Academic Staff Committee Chair Leigh Wallace will attend the next meeting.