April 19, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) The VC for Marketing, Communications, and University Relations search has failed, but will be relaunched soon with a goal of completing this hire in Fall 2022; and 2) The UWM Union redesign in underway, and the building will be closed all summer.

Provost J. Britz provided the following updates: 1) When he takes up his new position at UW-System, he still plans to be on campus for part of each week; 2)  He feels the campus is in a good position to maintain our current momentum on major campus initiatives; and 3) He agreed to follow-up on a direct request from the UC to make current information readily available to the Secretary of University regarding faculty rank numbers and dynamics.

The committee had a discussion with UR Chair E. Levine, new Compliance officer K. Amato, FAA VC R. Van Harpen, and Senior Director of Integrated Marketing & Communications M. Johnson concerning the bad messaging symbolized by the recent “fraud posters”, as well as the need for real/transparent communication between the faculty and administration in such matters.  The future role for the University Relations committee also needs more discussion.  The UC will plan to meet with members of this committee to help chart a course forward early in Fall 2022.