April 12, 2022

The UC discussed our concerns about a student “free speech” survey (which has been widely reported in the news).  The survey is apparently now going to be conducted on all UW-System campuses in Fall 2022.

Chancellor M. Mone provided the following updates: 1) Last Sunday’s recognition ceremony (for those who had graduated from UWM in recent semesters–but did not have an opportunity to attend an in-person event due to the pandemic), was a resounding success, with about 500 students participating; 2) A distinguished alumni gathering and award ceremony, held at the Pfister Hotel last Friday, was also a very successful event; 3) Discussions continue with UW-System leadership about “Tuition Promise” student scholarship funds—it is hoped this program can be implemented across all campuses in Fall 2023; 4) Issues preventing the planned demolition of NWQ “Building A” are far from resolved, and it is unclear when that work might be able to move forward; and 5)  Campus leadership is monitoring the COVID situation carefully, and preparing to respond as needed to any changing circumstances.

The committee had a productive discussion with GFC Chair J. Burges and Interim Graduate Dean J. Puskar about graduate students being required to submit their theses and dissertations to Proquest (a for-profit company) with minimal exceptions.  This issue needs more discussion, especially consideration of alternatives.  The GFC will take up this matter at their first meeting in Fall 2022, which UC Chair N. Rothfels will plan to attend.