April 13, 2021

Chancellor Mone reported on the ongoing negotiations between campus and the Milwaukee Health Department on the testing requirement for students living or working on campus who have been vaccinated. Cybersecurity continues to be a major problem and ransomware is a particular threat, making compliance important. Budget talks in Madison continue; Chancellor Mone has been meeting with members of the Legislature on a regular basis to discuss employee compensation, the Fresh Water initiative, the expansion of the Promise program as well as other issues. Republican legislators have suggested that the funding of DEI initiatives should be tied to addressing what they view as inequities in the representation of conservative perspectives on UW campuses. The 2030 implementation plan continues to advance; PDs for the positions announced at the recent Townhall meeting will be shared with governance groups.

In Members’ Reports J. Reisel reported on the Instructional and Research Academic Staff Review Committee at which two cases were recommended for indefinite status. T. Turner reported on recent informational training sessions for individuals up for promotion and tenure. N. Rothfels reported that the Affirmative Action and Faculty Employment Committee met last week and continued to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion efforts on campus.

In the ongoing UC review of governance committees K. Dolan reported on responses by chairs of a small subset of committees contacted about actions to be taken regarding possible governance committee restructuring.

Provost Britz will attend the April 20, 2021 UC meeting.