How We Do It

Advocacy and Engagement

The Advocacy and Engagement Department takes the lead in advancing division-wide equity initiatives that align with our strategic plan and contribute to the overarching goals and strategies established by the Chief Student Affairs Officer (CSAO) and the Chancellor. Our focus revolves around cultivating relationships with critical stakeholders in both Student Affairs and UWM at large, ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion endeavors are deeply ingrained in the organization’s ethos. Moreover, we offer expert guidance and facilitation to leaders and teams, aiding them in navigating the transformative process required to foster robust cultural competency and establish an inclusive organizational framework.

Beyond our commitment to bolstering broader student advocacy and engagement endeavors within the Division, the Advocacy and Engagement Department encompasses the Centers for Advocacy and Student Engagement (CASE). This collaborative initiative is dedicated to education, resource alignment, and program development aimed at advocating for all students, as well as for ourselves and one another, thereby effecting change at structural, institutional, and systemic levels.

CASE encompasses several pivotal entities, including the Inclusive Excellence Center (IEC)the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Resource Center (LGBTRC)Military and Veteran’s Resource Center (MAVRC), and the Women’s Resources Center (WRC).   Each of these centers is committed to serving students by crafting spaces, programs, and resources that provide unwavering support throughout their journey at UWM.

Mai Yer Yang

Advocacy & Engagement is led by Director Mai Yer Yang. Mai yer serves on the Leadership Team, working closely with divisional partners and CASE to support students on campus.


Athletics views their purpose to serve as leaders in building a foundation of passion and pride for UWM while adhering to their core values of:


Athletics at UWM is committed to diversity and inclusion to achieve and sustain excellence. They believe they can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining diverse student- athletes, coaches and staff, and by creating a respectful climate that supports their individuality.

UWM Panther Athletics brings together the campus community, alumni, and Milwaukee fans, instilling a sense of pride and school spirit in our great university. In addition, our student-athletes provide more than 4,000 hours of community service each year.

Amanda Braun

UWM Athletics is led by Amanda Braun. Amanda is the Director of Athletics, and is the first-ever female to hold this post at UW-Milwaukee. In her tenure on campus, Amanda has helped Milwaukee to new heights, starting by playing the lead role in bringing Panther men’s basketball contests back downtown. She also was instrumental in a new partnership with the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, the largest-ever for the department in terms of both length and financial value of the partnership..

Dean of Students

During your college experience, you will face challenges. The Dean of Students Office is here to help you navigate those challenges and empower you to learn and grow. For example, we might help you:

In our office we also support you by providing you with the tools you need for personal growth and development. This includes providing a learning environment as free from distractions and disruptions. Through the student conduct process, we hold students accountable for any misconduct, and uphold their right to an objective, unbiased conduct process.

On our website, you will find various tools and resources, including links to the UWM Student Handbook and the ReportIt form.  You can fill out the ReportIt form for many reasons, but some examples include when you:

  • Want to get assistance for a fellow Panther
  • Want to report a policy violation such a sexual misconduct, academic and nonacademic misconduct, and/or threats to the campus community
  • Want assistance navigating a university policy or procedure
  • Have a complaint or concern
  • Need help or support

In the Dean of Students Office we support holistic student health and wellbeing.  We are a place you can come when you need support.

Adam JusselThe UWM Dean of Students is led by Adam Jussel.  Adam has a sincere passion for student participation and interaction on campus, and feels privileged to lead a team that is also committed to your success.

Student Health and Wellbeing

The on-campus Student Health and Wellbeing Center serves as a valuable resource, offering medical and mental health services to students. Their mission is to support students in recognizing, comprehending, and addressing their healthcare needs. This is achieved through a range of services including medical and mental health care, as well as health promotion initiatives. Moreover, the center collaborates with the UWM campus community through strategic partnerships, aiming to enrich the university’s academic and community-oriented goals. Their dedicated staff acts as companions to students, offering treatment during times of illness, injury, or emotional distress. They also guide students in comprehending their health needs and encourage the adoption of healthy choices in their daily lives.

The department of University Recreation (UREC) stands as a distinguished presence on campus and within the professional sphere due to its exceptional programs, services, and facilities. UREC is committed to elevating the overall quality of life for the UWM community. This commitment is realized through the provision of opportunities that foster the cultivation and sustenance of healthy lifestyles, continual learning, leadership aptitude, and personal triumph. UREC achieves this by offering an extensive array of recreation and wellness programs within top-notch facilities.

Student Health and Wellbeing is led by Dr. Aamir Siddiqi.Aamir Siddiqi

Student Learning, Assessment, and Planning

Student Learning, Assessment, and Planning provides vision for retention and student success initiatives, coordinates the Division’s assessment efforts, and leads the Divisional strategic planning and reporting processes.

Kelly Ball ImageStudent Learning, Planning, and Assessment is led by Kelly Ball, Ph.D. She has worked in higher education for over twenty years in various roles, including measuring the effectiveness of student success initiatives as well as developing and submitting grant proposals for government and private funding. Kelly serves on the Student Affairs Leadership Team and is passionate that higher education can bring about transformative change in students and those who work with students.

Student Life & Services

Student Life & Services fosters a culture of excellence and quality service orientation with a sharp focus on the needs of students today and in the future, and a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

UWM University Housing is committed to enhancing community members’ cultural competence, leadership skills, academic success, social connections, and social responsibility by creating safe, comfortable, and well-maintained living learning environments that inspire growth and development. Community members – our residents, guests, and University Housing staff and affiliated campus stakeholders – are foundational to enacting our mission. The vision of University Housing is creating communities that transform lives.

The UWM Children’s Learning Center serves the University with distinction through the provision of high-quality education programs for children, youth and families, UWM students and the professional child development community. Their work transforms the understanding of education to include all children and youth as capable learners, all teachers and families as full partners in the education system and quality programs for children and youth as integral to the success of all communities.

The mission of Dining and Retail Services is to provide a quality dining experience at an affordable price that enhances campus life and supports the overall mission of the University. It is the responsibility of Restaurant Operations to operate in a fiscally responsible manner, contribute fair-share support to the University, and sustain adequate reserves for future growth.

The UWM Student Union provides programs, services and facilities for University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee students to find community, build relationships and make memories that support and complement their academic journey.

Information Technology plays a vital role within the divisions of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Working with divisional departments and campus technology partners, Student Affairs IT Services (SAITS) provides guidance and support for all forms of IT.