Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan articulates the primary role of the Division of Student Affairs in supporting students and contributing to the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Plan is the result of two years of planning and input from more than 100 Student Affairs staff.

Our Plan Forward (2024-2029)

MonthMilestonesAll Staff Feedback OpportunitiesCommittee Involvement
Jun-23Planning for the future
Divisional Meeting (6/15)
All-Staff Survey (MVVP)
Jul-23Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities (MVVP) “Refresh”MVVP Listening session Campus Life feedback due
Aug-23Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities (MVVP) “Refresh”Curricular Approach (CA)Work Group starts -

Student Goals (SG) Draft

Committee leaders plan activity for the next year

Campus Life (CL) Committee analyzes and implements feedback
Sep-23Divisional 5-year Goals & Outcomes (D5)D5 comment form availableCA Work Group works on Student Goals (SG) Draft
Oct-23Divisional 5-year Goals & Outcomes (D5)Focus Groups for D5 (early October)CA Work Group works on Student Goals (SG) Draft
Nov-23Student Goals (SG)World Café with Erin Simpson (early November) to review SGCA Work Group, CL, SLD, CC and Assessment attend afternoon session with Erin Simpson

Student Engage and Dev works on Employee Goals (EG)
Dec-23Employee Goals (EG)Student Engage and Dev develops EG
Jan-24Employee Goals and Outcomes (EG)World Café to review Employee Goals and Brainstorm OutcomesStudent Engage and Dev hosts event with help from Assessment
Feb-24Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for D5 and EGSLAP, SAITS, and Assessment Committee create first draft of KPIs
Mar-24Action Plans & Timelines (AP&T)Retreat with AAT and Committees to develop draft of AP&T for D5 and EGALL Committees provide feedback for AP&T
Apr-24Student Outcomes (SO)Focus groups on SO (Early April)CA Work Group finishes SO Draft
May-24Drafting new planCommunications provides feedback
Jun-2420-23/24 Plan Celebration
Jul-24Drafting new planFinal survey for feedback on the 24-29 Plan draftCommunications provides feedback
Aug-24Design work
Sep-242024-29 Plan Launches

Important Notes

  • Regular meetings of committees, leadership teams and the full Division will continue and connect to the milestones
  • Updates will be provided at Monthly Divisional Meetings, in the DSA newsletter, and in a Teams Group

Vision (Where We Want to Go)

All students are supported through their academic journey, have pathways to achieve learning and career goals and are embraced as valuable members of the UWM community.

Mission (Why We Exist)

Our mission is to create an engaging community where students feel they belong at UWM, to develop transformative learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and to provide services and experiences that support and promote student wellbeing so that students can thrive, persist, and succeed.

Strategic Priorities (Long-Term Direction)

  • Belonging: Provide services, experiences, programs, and inclusive spaces that celebrate and honor students’ diverse identities, ensuring everyone feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to be their authentic selves.
  • Engagement: Actively engage in collaborative partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders to offer opportunities and pathways for students to connect with one another, our institution, and the city of Milwaukee.
  • Learning: Provide opportunities that challenge students, resulting in knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, skill development, and transformational personal growth.
  • Wellbeing: Engage students in a range of initiatives that promote their physical, mental, spiritual, occupational, social, intellectual, and emotional wellbeing. We provide students with the necessary tools, support, resources, and guidance to navigate their personal health and overall wellbeing.
  • Efficient and Effective Operations: Maintain a division that is appropriately resourced, staffed, and structured to support students and staff.