Division of
Student Affairs
Kelly Haag
Vice Chancellor

A student’s college career is a critical investment in their future. The UWM Division of Student Affairs is here to help all students feel like UWM is a place where they belong, where they are supported to succeed and have opportunities to get involved in meaningful and fun ways while connecting to one another and to UWM.

The Division of Student Affairs exists to create a culture of belonging and student well-being at UWM by enhancing the quality of interactions and connections.

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UWM Student Affairs employs approximately 280 professional staff members, working together in over 20 unique departments or units to serve all of UWM’s students. Additionally, vital, are our 1,800+ student employment positions. These student employment experiences provide meaningful learning experiences for students, in some cases setting them on a course for future careers.

We are dedicated to helping all students be successful during their time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and beyond.




In addition to the everyday-services provided by each of our departments, the UWM Division of Student Affairs has combined student communications, student survey data, known best-practices and our own strategic review to determine projects and initiatives addressing needs of improvement, creation or significant change. These projects are reviewed by Divisional leadership, who assemble the best possible teams to accomplish the objectives. Most often these teams are multidisciplinary and require members of numerous departments to complete. Projects and initiatives are observed and reviewed for progress and are included in Divisional recognitions and celebrations. Learn more about the Division’s strategic priorities .




Like all large organizations, our departments specialize in a multitude of disciplines across the Division of Student Affairs, each providing the best services possible. As a collective unit, the Division of Student Affairs depends on all of our skills, talents, and abilities to collaborate on initiatives and projects that align with the best interests of our students and the institutional values and goals at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. The UWM Division of Student Affairs areas of concentration are:


UWM is looking for staff dedicated to the principles of collegiality, student connection, equity and inclusion, and a pride in the work they accomplish. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of students? If so, check out these opportunities to become part of the UWM Student Affairs team:

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