2020–2021: Dr. Raka Shome

On April 9, 2021, Dr. Raka Shome delivered the 2020-21 Rhetorical Leadership lecture, which she had titled “Cleaning the Nation:  National Purification, Contemporary Hindu Nationalism, and the Politics of Gender,” virtually using Microsoft Teams. Her lecture focused on the rhetorical … Continue Reading »

The Virtual Martin Luther King (vMLK) Project

On October 12, 2018, Dr. Victoria J. Gallagher presented the 2018-19 lecture “The Virtual Martin Luther King (vMLK) Project: Crafting a Necessary (Digital) Space to Explore Rhetorical Leadership and Civic Transformation,” complete with a virtual reality component assisted by UWM’s Campus Technology Support.… Continue Reading »

Olson on the Presidential Debates

Dr. Kathryn Olson was featured in the UWM Report on the on-going presidential debates. Olson looks less at what candidates say and more on why candidates say the things they do. She gives insights on what it means to “win” a debate and guidance to people who are watching the debates and attempting to make sense of what they hear.… Continue Reading »

2015 Lecture: Jeremy Engels

The 2015 Rhetorical Leadership Lecture was presented by Associate Professor Jeremy Engels of Pennsylvania State University, who studies democracy with a particular interest in classical and contemporary practices of the care of the self. His talk is entitled, “The Rhetoric of Gratitude: From Debt to Freedom.”… Continue Reading »