Ripon Connection Students

Ripon Connection Students

Select seniors from Ripon College’s Communication Department may register for graduate credit up to a maximum of six credits of Rhetorical Leadership courses. Ripon Connection students will be screened by their instructors and must meet the program’s minimum admissions requirements (e.g., GPA – 2.75).

To take Rhetorical Leadership graduate courses, senior Communication majors must meet Ripon College’s following prerequisites:

  • Communication core courses must be completed;
  • Minimum 3.6 GPA in those courses (graduation honors range);
  • Proven “pro-activity” in their education, as measured by their chosen electives; and
  • Demonstrated exceptional time and workload management skills.

Entering the Program

If you desire to enter the program, contact Dr. Jody Roy, Chair of the Communication Department at Ripon College, for permission to apply under the Ripon Connection program.

Complete the Graduate Non-degree Admission Application from UWM’s Graduate School.

Submit the Graduate non-degree admission application and its fee to UWM’s Graduate School. Please note that it takes several days to process this form before you can register for classes.

Submit the RL application form and an official copy of your undergraduate transcript showing proof of graduation and undergraduate grade point average to:

Director of Rhetorical Leadership Program
Communication Department
P.O. Box 413
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI 53201