Student Data Warehouse Information

Student information is stored in PeopleSoft, locally known as PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services) at UWM. Much of that data is subsequently selected and stored for reporting access in UWM’s Student Data Warehouse, sometimes called the Reporting Data Store (RDS). Most Student Data Warehouse data is refreshed daily and is accessible using query tools.

Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook is an on-line, searchable platform that contains information about the data and tables in the UWM Student Data Warehouse. Defining this data is an on-going process, so some fields may not yet be completed.

Student Data Warehouse Other Aids

Student Data Warehouse Other Aids contains documents that define commonly used data values.

Student Data Warehouse Load Schedule

Student Data Warehouse tables are loaded on different time schedules. When using tables in reports, be sure to know the last refresh date of the data by looking at the Student Data Warehouse Load Schedule.

TNS Names File

TNSNAMES.ORA is a configuration file that defines database addresses and their connections.  More information on this file can be found here.