Campus Reports

There are several sources for reports at UWM.

Office of Assessment and Institutional Research

The Student Reports section has reports covering areas such as Admissions, Headcount Enrollment, Course Enrollment, Retention, Graduation and Degrees.

Visit the OAIR website for many reports.

Graduate School

Visit the Graduate Program Data page for reports related to student admissions, applications, and enrollment and the Awards and Expenditures page for reports dealing with awards data.

HRS Reporting

A data warehouse is available, called EPM (Enterprise Performance Management). The EPM contains over 80 data views based upon HRS functionality including: HR, Payroll, Benefits, Absence Management, Time and Labor, and Funding. This will serve as the source for basic queries and reports, as well as a data feed for supplemental systems. An important note: staff who currently utilize the InfoAccess data warehouse for administrative reporting, the HR and/or Payroll information currently available there has been frozen at the time of implementation, April 7, 2011, and is replaced by the EPM data warehouse.

Visit the HRS Reporting page for reports related to HRS