New Furniture (Mandatory)

Pursuant to State statute (s. 16.75(3t)(c)), new furniture (categories are defined on webpage link below) must be purchased from the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE), formerly Badger State Industries (BSI): 505ENT-M15-BSI OFFURN-01 Michelle Pressentin is UWM’s sales representative – Michelle… Read more

Purchasing card and Travel card programs

View the UWM Visa Purchasing Card (PCard) Policy here. The Pcard and Tcard programs are administered by Accounts Payable. Contact the Accounts Payables Supervisor for more information. Access the UW System Purchasing Card (Pcard) program documents: Access the UW… Read more

Use of ShopUW+

Effective April 16th, 2021 the use of forms and workflow within ShopUW+ portal replaces existing (paper) Requisitions for Purchase Order, Direct Payments, PIRs, Refunds and other procurement processes at UWM. Use of ShopUW+ will be required for all transactions unless… Read more

Year End Calendar FY21

Find the full fiscal year end calendar here. May 3rd FY21 deadline for: Procurement Requisitions over $50,000 for goods or services not on contract. May 3rd – FY22 POs may be initiated in ShopUW+ utilizing the NEXT FISCAL YEAR CHECKBOX…. Read more