Independent Contractors

Procurement policies govern the use of independent contractors (“Suppliers”), but the determination of an Employer/Employee relationship with an individual/sole proprietor entity should be verified by Human Resources. Departments should complete the [Employee/Independent Contractor checklist] and submit it with every new Supplier setup request or contract request (i.e. ASSA, Speaker/Entertainer, or Purchase Order requisition) where the entity has a tax status of individual/sole proprietor. Additional information in determinizing if an independent contractor exists may also be found in the Internal Revenue Service 20 point Checklist for Independent Contractor.

Additional information on contracting with individuals can be found here

The UWM Division or Department requesting the engagement is responsible for the management of independent contractors, including any required onboarding, training, compliance, managing deliverables and deadlines, and initiating and approving payments. Payments may be made through a PIR, Direct Payment, or Purchase Order (based on the anticipated spend and applicable procurement guidelines). See the Payment for Services flowchart.

See also UW System policy 236.