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Name Title Email Phone Location
  • Invoice Auditor, Accounts Payable
rmichael@uwm.edu414-229-4447Engelmann Hall 230K
  • Procurement Specialist III, Purchasing
fisher49@uwm.edu414-229-6061Engelmann Hall 220
  • Procurement Specialist III, Business and Financial Services Procurement
gillene@uwm.edu414-251-6801Engelmann Hall 220
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor, Accounts Payable
bag2@uwm.edu414-229-4346Engelmann Hall 230L
  • Procurement Specialist III, Purchasing
kkerchec@uwm.edu414-229-7162Engelmann Hall 220
  • Director of Procurement, Business and Financial Services Purchasing
briank@uwm.edu414-251-8537Engelmann Hall 220
  • Procurement Specialist III, Purchasing
loignon@uwm.edu414-229-5212Engelmann Hall 220
  • Invoice Auditor, Accounts Payable
luelloff@uwm.edu414-229-5438Engelmann Hall 230E
  • Vendor Manager, Accounts Payable
emmurphy@uwm.edu414-229-5185Engelmann Hall 230C
  • Associate Procurement Specialist, Purchasing
schuelej@uwm.edu414-229-7168Engelmann Hall 220