UW-Milwaukee, an agency of the State of Wisconsin, obtains it’s statutory authority to purchase and pay for goods and service on behalf of the State from Wisconsin Statutes 16, 35, 36, and 39. Numerous policies and procedures at the State, System, and Campus level apply to the statutory authority.

Procurement Office staff have the approval and training to legally purchase goods and services under Wisconsin law. UW-Milwaukee is delegated authority to conduct its purchasing operations by the UW System Office of Procurement who in turn receive their delegated authority from the State Bureau of Procurement. Those delegations are formal and are granted to single accountable staff members in the UW System Office of Procurement and the UW-Milwaukee Purchasing Office. More information about the University’s purchasing authority can be found via the State Bureau of Procurement. Purchasing Agents are trained to understand and work within the framework and processes of acquiring goods and services needed for the ongoing day to day operation of the University. University Purchasing Agents are stewards of state funds, who are required to buy goods and services in compliance with the laws of Wisconsin.

Further information on UWM’s Purchasing Authority can be obtained by contacting the Director of Procurement.