Two-Way Radio Contract

UWM uses contract WSCA 06913 for Two-Way Radios and Public Safety Communication Equipment. Campus departments commonly use Kenwood brand radios, but this contract also covers other brands (see below). This contract covers radios, accessories, parts, technical support, installation, repair, and training. General Communications is our contracted distributor for Kenwood radios (we are not contracted with them for other products).  Please click here for Kenwood’s contract discount and pricing: [Kenwood Pricing]. General Communications follows this pricing.

If you are ordering without a purchase order, simply reference the contract when you reach out to General Communications for a quote. They accept P-Card payments.

Contact for General Communications: Heidi Biller,, (262) 439-2121 or (262) 232-4295.

Other available manufacturers on this contract: Zetron, Telewave, Pyramid Communications, ICOM, Codan Radio Communications, Relm Wireless, Harris, EF Johnson, Ceragon, Motorola, Tait, Radio Frequency Systems, and Avtec. If you are interested in one of these manufacturers, please contact Jamie Schueler, for available distributors, contact info, and pricing.

Questions related to this commodity should be directed to Colleen Fisher x 6061, Ask us about the benefits of setting up blanket Purchase Orders for this vendor!