New Furniture (Mandatory)

Pursuant to State statute (s. 16.75(3t)(c)), new furniture (categories are defined on webpage link below) must be purchased from the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE), formerly Badger State Industries (BSI): 505ENT-M15-BSI OFFURN-01

Unless a waiver is obtained from BCE/BSI, all goods and services that are available from BCE/BSI must be purchased from them if all the following conditions are present (“right of first refusal”):

  1. Goods/services conform to the agency’s specifications;
  2. Goods/services can be provided in accordance with the agency’s specified
    timeline; and
  3. Price is comparable to that which could be obtained through competitive
    bidding/proposals (“market price”).

If a waiver is granted, you may subsequently pursue quotes from any dealer on the Statewide Office Furniture contract. On the link below, see “Vendor List” under the Documents section for the updated list. Contract Number 505ENT-M20-OFFURNITUR-00

See the Tips for Ordering Furniture Guide here, or for help with local vendor rep/contact info, selections, and any other questions please contact Kathy Kercheck x 7162