Requesting a new Supplier or updating an existing Supplier

When you need a new Supplier created or need to update an existing Supplier you will need to submit your request to with the appropriate Supplier Request Forms mentioned and supporting documentation. Please allow 1-3 Business Days for the Supplier approval response.

DO NOT submit a W-9 to this email that lists a Social Security Number as the Tax Identification number.

Please upload those W-9 forms to the Add/Edit Supplier Sharepoint Site, or FAX to 414-229-7238 which is a secure fax line.

Once the Supplier is created and approved/updated, you will receive an email informing you of the Supplier ID number or that the update has been completed.

W9 and W8 forms can be downloaded directly from the Internal Revenue Service.

Reference UW System Policy 363 on Supplier Edits.

You can send any questions on supplier setup to