University Stationery


All UWM stationery is printed in the UWM Print Shop and must adhere to the University’s graphic standards and brand identity program; therefore, variations of the standard layouts cannot be allowed. The official University colors are used on all 2-color stationery items.

All stationery items must include the school/college/division name unless written approval from the school/college dean or division head has been obtained. Printing Services has all the standard layouts on file and will print your stationery items according to the guidelines. For more information about the UWM brand identity and guidelines, view the logo and graphic identity guidelines.

For stationery prices, see the pricing section.
For a billing number info, see the internal billing numbers page.

Letterhead is available in 2-color or 1-color (black ink).
Sample letterhead image (2-color)
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Envelopes may be ordered as 2-color or 1-color (black ink). Printing Services has templates on file for all standard commercial envelopes, catalog/booklet envelopes, and business reply mail envelopes.
Sample envelope image (2/color)
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Business Cards
All business cards will be printed in 2-color on 3-1/2″ x 2″. The layout allows enough space for as many as five phone numbers, in addition to an e-mail address and website address. Minimum order quantity is 250.
Sample business card image
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Memo Pads
All memo pads will be printed in 2-color and are available in half-sheet and quarter-sheet sizes. Although not required, it is most cost-effective to order memo pads for several people at one time, in multiples of 2. (See pricing for details.)
Sample quarter-sheet memo pad image
Sample half-sheet memo pad image
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Mailing Labels
Mailing labels are available in 2 sizes and may be printed in either 2-color or 1-color on white pressure-sensitive label stock (peel and stick).
Sample standard-size label image
Sample quarter-sheet label image
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Scratch Pads (blank, no printing)
Sizes, color and prices may vary depending on stock available. To order blank scratch pads, complete a Print & Copy Services Order Form and indicate the quantity and size of pads to be ordered. If you don’t have a size preference, your order will be filled with available stock on hand. There is a $5.00 minimum charge. See pricing for current sizes/color information