Pricing & Sample Costs

The pricing charts on these pages are provided for your convenience and are intended to save you time, however, if you need a more detailed estimate or other pricing information, feel free to contact

The following sample costs list prices for several common printing jobs. These are approximate prices, meant to give you a general idea of possible costs you may incur for non-standard items such as brochures, flyers, postcards, etc.

Flyers, brochures, postcards

All pricing estimates include color ink, preflighting, proofing, and delivery. If additional file prep or bindery work is needed, the prices may increase. For custom items such as booklets, die cutting, or external produced items, please contact us.

Postcard printed two sides on 80# cover8.5"x5.5"$95.00$174.00$255.00$295.00$323.00$335.00$385.00$430.00$568.00$826.00
Flyer printed one side on 80# text8.5"x11"$90.00$164.00$174.00$194.00$239.00$285.00$347.00$393.00$480.00$710.00
Flyer printed two sides on 80# text8.5"x11"$164.00$260.00$310.00$326.00$341.00$360.00$393.00$462.00$594.00$932.00
Folded Brochure printed two sides on 80# text8.5"x11"$182.00$292.00$342.00$374.00$387.00$412.00$452.00$524.00$682.00$1057.00
Poster printed one side on 80# text11"x17"$182.00$292.00$342.00$392.00$470.00$500.00$543.00$630.00$705.00$932.00
Folded brochure printed two sides on 80# text11"x17"$340.00$514.00$550.00$585.00$623.00$658.00$730.00$890.00$1155.00$1810.00

Wide-format and signage

Banner with grommets48x24$50.00
Banner with grommets96x36$140.00
Window cling24x36$33.00
Window cling48x36$66.00
Wall cling24x36$35.00
Wall cling48x36$70.00
Retractable banner33.5x87$116.00
Retractable banner stand33.5"$120.00
Mini retractable banner and stand11x17$45.00
Fabric poster48x36$82.00
Canvas wrapped frame20x16$55.00
Canvas wrapped frame36x24$95.00
Canvas wrapped frame40x30$116.00

Magnets, stickers, and sticker sheets

Contour cut stickers3x3100$55.00
Sticker Sheets5x8100$125.00

The stationery page shows the cost for standard items such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, and memo pads.