For Departments

Large Format Printing for Departments

Are you setting up the file yourself? Be sure to read the file requirements before submitting.


Large format printing will be charged to the printing internal billing number you provide.

Printing:  $5.50/square foot
Mounting: between $8 and $15 for standard sizes up to 40″ x 60″
$20+ for larger sizes
Laminating: $5.00 per linear foot (maximum width 38″)
Proofs:   $11.00/proof (Reduced-size proofs can be requested, for example, if critical images/colors need to be checked before final output)

Example calculation for a poster 30″ wide by & 42″ long:
Calculate size in sq. inches (multiply width by length): 30″ x 42″ = 1260″
Convert to sq. ft. (divide by 144): 1260″ / 144 =  8.75 sq. ft.
Round up to nearest whole or half number: 9 sq. ft.
Calculate cost (multiply sq. ft. by $5.50): 9 x $5.50 = $49.50
Laminating, calculate linear feet: 42″ / 12 = 3.5 x $5 = $17.50

Submission Request

  • Download and complete an RSO order form.
  • The completed form must include your internal billing number.
  • Create file adhering to file requirements.
  • Upload file and completed signed RSO order form to the Printing Dropbox or Fax the RSO to (414) 229-6912.
  • A minimum of three University business days from submission of the file and request form is suggested on all large format poster printing projects